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1967 Chevelle, 1965 Chevelle & 1965 Chevelle Wagon - Moving Targets

Here's Three Chevelles That Move As Good As They Look.

Super Chevy Staff Aug 1, 2010
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In every issue of this magazine we try and overload your senses with Chevelle goodness. When it comes to the car features, our goal is to capture some of the sweetest Chevelles in the country and lay them before your retinas. But we also know there's more to a great ride than just how many layers of hand-rubbed clearcoat it has or how many chromed and polished widgets it wears. Sometimes what makes a car cool isn't how it looks, but how it moves. Yep, a ride that's just "OK" posed at a car show racks up a ton of bonus points once it's put into furious lateral motion. Such is the case with this group of Chevelles we caught at Super Chevy's annual vendor track challenge. That's not to say they aren't nice looking, but even if they wore primer, they would still be badass because they aren't afraid to throw down on any slab of asphalt presented to them.

In early 2010, Super Chevy magazine covered their second annual vendors challenge. It featured a slew of classic Chevys in a series of driving events against Chevrolet's newest modern muscle car: the '10 Camaro SS. Many of the industry's best-known suspension companies showed up to party with rides that looked great, but more importantly, ones that could handle high-g maneuvers. Of the cars that showed up to throw down, there were the obligatory Camaros, a couple Novas, a big ass '57 wagon, and more relevant to us, three sweet Chevelles. During the course of the day, they were abused, pummeled, and flung through a sea of orange cones. Wagon, coupe, high-end, budget-minded; they were all very different, yet they shared a common trait: they're fun to drive, especially when the straight and narrow becomes tight and twisty. And while performance was being tested, all three could roll up on any cruise night or car show and park with pride.

Given all of this, we thought it only right to showcase these three killer rides that show you can have your cake and eat it, too.



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