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1966 Chevy Nova SS - At Last

Chuck Wallace Has Finally Built His Dream Car

Dakota Wentz Mar 27, 2007
Sucs_0700_01_z 1966_chevrolet_nova_SS Front_view 2/6

Chuck Wallace always wanted a street rod or a musclecar, so when he turned 50, his wife, Terry, suggested he start looking for the car he wanted. That way when he retired, the car would be finished, and most importantly, paid off. Not being one to argue, Chuck took up his wife's offer and began looking.

Now the problem at hand was what to get. Decisions, decisions. To make a long story short, it turns out Chuck isn't easily satisfied. He ain't gon' be happy unless he has exactly what he wants. Before finally settling on this '66 Nova SS, Chuck burned through two street rods and two musclecars. Now that he finally has what he wants, he tells us, "I'll be satisfied for a long time."

Sucs_0700_05_z 1966_chevrolet_nova_SS Center_console 3/6

Since Chuck couldn't decide whether he wanted a street rod or a musclecar, he decided to land somewhere in the middle. He opted not to get a stock musclecar, but rather a Nova that captures the street rod persona with custom touches here and there.

The most obvious personal touch is the handcrafted center console and interior. Auto Meter gauges rest in that console along with late-model Corvette badges. The OEM interior was also tossed for a custom street rod-inspired gray leather interior. As for the outside, the late-model Corvettes once again lent a helping hand.

The Nova was painted with PPG '99 Corvette Metallic Blue, and outlines of white flames run down the side of the car. Making contact with the pavement is a set of Billet Specialties GTX 17-inch wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich Comp T/A rubber, while a set of Wilwood brakes rest behind the wheel and tire combo. As for the heart of the car, it's a 400-horse ZZ4 crate motor outfitted with an Edelbrock polished high-rise Air-Gap intake, MSD ignition, Demon 650 carb, and Hooker and Flowmaster plumbing.

Needless to say, it looks like Chuck's ship has finally docked.



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