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Art Morrison ’55 210 Sedan

This ’55 never sees the inside of a trailer, just lots of open road and spirited driving.

By , Photography by Team Super Chevy

Car: ’55 210 Two-Door Sedan
Owner: Street Rodder magazine
Type: Shaver Specialties Racing Engines 474 W-Motor
Block: Iron
Fuel Delivery: Fast EZ EFI, Edelbrock intake, Aeromotive fuel pump
Transmission: Gearstar 200-4R
Stall: Gearstar 3000 rpm
Rearend: Strange 9-inch, posi differential with 3.70 gears
Chassis: Art Morrison (AME) GT Sport Tri-5
Front Suspension: Tubular arms
Steering: DSE rack-and-pinion 20:1 ratio
Springs: Strange Engineering 650-lb
Spindles: Wilwood 2-inch drop
Shocks: Strange adjustable coilover
Sway Bar: Helwig 1-1/8-inch adjustable 903, 1114, and 1404 lbs/in
Brakes: Wilwood 6-piston calipers 13-inch rotors
Rear Suspension: AME triangulated four-bar
Springs: Strange Engineering 250-lb springs
Shocks: Strange adjustable coilover
Sway Bar: Helwig 3/4-inch adjustable 228, 290 and, 379lbs/in
Brakes: Wilwood four-piston calipers 12-inch rotors
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: Wheel Vintiques billet cruisers with the “as-cast” powdercoated finish Front-17x8, Rear-18x10
Tires: NT01, front-245/45R17, rear-275/40R18
Cost of Suspension:
$16,305 includes brakes
Total: 3,682 (pounds, without driver)
LF: 987 | RF: 952 | LR: 868 | RR: 875
F: 50.5 | R: 49.5
Skid Pad: CW 0.84g, CCW 0.98g, Average 0.89g
Slalom: Best 47.7 mph, average of 5 runs 47.7 mph
Autocross: Best 50.98, average of 5 runs 51.64
Baseline 1
’13 Corvette Grand Sport
Skid Pad: CW 0.98g, CCW 0.99g, Average 0.99g
Slalom: Best 48.5 mph, average of 5 runs 46.2 mph
Autocross: Best 50.98, average of 5 runs 51.58
Baseline 2
’72 Chevelle SS396
Skid Pad: CW 0.69g, CCW 0.76g, Average 0.74g
Slalom: Best 38.7 mph, average of 3 runs,38.2 mph
Autocross: Best 1.03.87, average of 3 runs 1.08.64

Testing facility provided by AMCI at

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