Art Morrison ’55 210 Sedan

This ’55 never sees the inside of a trailer, just lots of open road and spirited driving.

Patrick Hill Sep 12, 2013 0 Comment(s)

The ability to rotate from a good corner-entry trailbrake is this car’s forte and predictably it didn’t disappoint here one bit. With the good balance and set-up, getting the large ‘55 through the tight stuff was easy. This car “fit” in places that a Miata would struggle!

Impress me more, oh 55, and it did just that in the sweepers and especially the walloms. All power reached the ground and like I mentioned before, this is a rotating machine … smoothly controllable and predictably it stepped over and around each apex with absolutely no unwanted motion.

That said, there was a negative here and that was the seats. Okay, guys … bench seat with spaghetti-thin lap belts have no place at an autocross and I’m positive you dudes were laughing yourselves silly watching me flailing through corners hanging on to that bus-sized steering wheel. Be warned: I will get revenge!

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What impressed me the most is there is no wasted lateral energy and motion … ever! I have yet to drive something that is so easy to position and place anywhere you want it. Drive it sane or drive it rough—either way, the suspension performs. In a nutshell and seats aside, the Art Morrison ’55 was just about perfect here and I would highly recommend this replacement chassis and corners for any Tri-Five conversion.—Mary Pozzi

On the Street
This was the first time I’d actually been behind the wheel of a Tri-Five with the AME GT Sport chassis underneath. More than a few cars have passed in front of my lens with this great platform, and I’ve heard numerous owners sing its praises. After finally experiencing the ride for myself, I can easily see why.

The healthy torque of the 474-inch W-mill meant the shoebox had no trouble getting underway, the ample power allowing for the AME chassis to be fully experienced, even on city streets. No harsh ride, no bone jarring shocks over bumps, just smooth as silk compliance. The sofa-like comfort of the Wise Guys’ bench seat was a perfect complement to this car.

Taking corners was effortless and tight, no sway, no guessing, no surprises. This is the kind of pro touring restomod anyone could climb behind the wheel of and drive without concern. It’s almost like the ’55 became a natural extension of my body. The manual Wilwood binders were great, just the right amount of pedal effort and feel to make any braking situation a non-event. Going over a rough railroad crossing on our street cruise route, the ’55 didn’t hesitate or buck a bit.

Art Morrison’s been in the business of aftermarket suspensions for decades, and while the GT Sport chassis might not be the latest and greatest thing out there, it still easily holds its own to any other competitive chassis. My only request would be an odd one: Please, put the hood bird back on!—Patrick Hill


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