1965 Chevy Chevelle - Hotchkis 65 Chevelle

An extra set of doors doesn’t keep this Chevelle from ruling the road and autocross

Patrick Hill Jan 1, 2013 0 Comment(s)
Sucp 1301 01 19685 Chevy Chevelle Sport Sedan Front Three Quarter 2/7

There's a certain stigma that goes with owning a four-door anything. It's not cool, it's not sporty, and it's the car your mom would normally drive. Wagons get their own, worse multi-door disrespect, leaving most more-doors to live out their lives as redheaded stepchildren to their two-door brothers.

Considering most cars today are four-doors, some capable of amazing feats of performance in stock trim (Cadillac CTS-V, CTS-V wagon, etc.), we don't see where it's written in stone they can't be as cool as coupes.

And here's the car that proves it. Dick Eytchison found his '65 four-door sedan while cruising through the Colorado country near Bayfield. The Artesian Turquoise Chevelle was amazingly straight, complete, and full of potential. Dick and his wife Karyn tried to buy the car that day, but to no avail. They left a note on the windshield and headed for home, already planning out what they'd do if the Chevelle ended up in their garage. Richard already had three other '65s (Chevelle SS, El Camino, and a rare Chevelle two-door wagon) so the four-door would be in good company.

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After a patient wait and months of negotiating to finally acquire the car for the tidy sum of $3,000, it wasn't long before the sedan was being prepped for a fresh coat of Artesian Turquoise paint, and its pedestrian underpinnings were going in the trash. Having built several Chevelles before, Dick knew exactly where he wanted to go for the right parts to build a pro touring A-body. He called good friend John Hotchkis for everything needed.

For the front, Hotchkis' TVS suspension system is employed. The TVS kit has been specifically designed and tested to offer the best handling possible to a classic car with modern wheels and tires. The tubular upper and lower control arms give improved caster/camber rates that increase grip, while the included one-inch drop springs and Hotchkis tuned Bilstein shocks improve vehicle stance and control. A beefy 1-3/8-inch sway bar with billet mounts keeps body lean to a minimum. In the rear, the TVS system employs Hotchkis adjustable upper control arms and fully boxed lowers, two-inch lowering springs, Hotchkis tuned Bilstein shocks, and adjustable 1-1/4-inch Extreme Sport sway bar.

The beauty of the whole system, beyond it being tuned as a full front and rear package, is its bolt-on installation. No cutting of the factory frame or specialized mods are required. Your average DIY'er with a modicum of mechanical skill, a floor jack and jack stands could install this kit in a weekend and be enjoying better handling on the way to work Monday.

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Combined with upgraded brakes (in this case, Baer calipers connected to a manual Wilwood master cylinder (see specs and driving review below), you have classic looks with modern road prowess. Definitely tough to beat.




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