2012 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to getting your gifts this year, don't let it be socks!

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The new Fire Suppression Blanket from Thermo-Tec is what every racer, mechanic, or car buff needs. It works anywhere where a small fire can start quickly. The 40x60-inch blanket is bright orange for easy visibility and can smother a fire instantly. Made from 100 percent silica yarns, especially designed for high-temperature conditions, the blanket is resistant to most acids and alkalis, and will not rot or mildew. It’s also abrasive-resistant and unaffected by bleaches or solvents. It’s great to have in the garage, on the road, or at the track. It comes with a handy Velcro storage and carrying strap and can also be used as a welding blanket.


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Endurance Series Rocker Arms offer maximum strength and durability lap after lap, race after race! Made for high-endurance street, circle track, dirt track, and powerboat racing engines, this lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum has maximum strength and durability. Rocker arms are available in many ratios for high-lift applications, and the shorter poly lock is designed to fit under stock valve covers and clear 1.625-inch valvesprings. It comes with a 100 percent lifetime warranty.

Scorpion Racing Products

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The rigors of daily street use are hard on a hydraulic system, and RAM’s new HD hydraulic bearing addresses these issues with a new sealing system comprised of larger O-rings as well as Teflon-backing rings that retain the O-rings in their slots, reducing the risks of leaks due to over-travel or overpressurizing of the system. Combined with the new pedal adjustment system, you now have the ability to control the engagement point of your clutch system from low to the floor to right at the top, based on your comfort. Available for all LS and early-model applications, a complete listing is available online.

RAM Automotive

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Kinekt Design Gear Ring: Interactive jewelry for men and women. Turn the outer rims of the ring and see the gears move (see video online). Lifetime warranty and free shipping. Order online or call.

Kinekt Design

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YearOne’s line of updated classic muscle car wheels continues to grow. All feature a modern performance-tire–friendly 17-inch diameter, with widths of 8 and 9 inches available for most applications. Aluminum construction keeps the weight down despite the larger sizes, and the wheels accept OEM center caps and lug nuts.


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Airaid Filter is proud to offer complete Cold Air Intake Systems for all popular ’10-12 Chevy Camaro SS and ZL1, ’09-12 6.2L Cadillac CTS-V (sedan, coupe, wagon), and ’05-12 LS2 6.0L, LS3 6.2L, LS7 7.0L Chevy Corvette. Airaid intake systems feature a one piece, roto-molded cold airbox and intake tube, high-flow premium filter, complete hardware pack, and detailed step-by-step instructions for easy installation. All Airaid intake systems are made in the United States and backed by a lifetime “no-hassle” warranty!

Airaid Filter Co.

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Sprint Booster is engineered to enhance the driving experience by eliminating the delay on drive-by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the ECM with a new signal for much quicker response. Sprint Booster improves response, increases pedal input sensitivity, and delivers more impressive off-the-line performance you can really feel. It’s a simple plug-and-play installation that takes just a few minutes and delivers instant response throughout the powerband, making accelerating and rev matching more fun.

Sprint Booster USA

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Pace Performance now offers a full line of Chevrolet Performance engines with EFI systems from Holley, FAST, MSD, Edelbrock, and Professional Products. These EFI small- and big-block Chevy and LS engines are available in various trim options and come fully assembled and ready to run, starting at $4,889.95. Call for a quote on custom engine and transmission packages. Engine break-in, dyno tuning, and preprogramming are available.

Pace Performance

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PUI’s new Weatherstripping Kits are the ultimate in convenience for ’67-69 GM Camaro and Firebird rubber restoration. These kits include door weatherstripping, roof rail weatherstripping (hardtops only), trunk seal, vertical door weatherstripping and original-style window weatherstripping. These are available in kit form for one-stop shopping.

Parts Unlimited Inc.

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