2012 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to getting your gifts this year, don't let it be socks!

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The Invertig 221 AC/DC Inverter Welder will allow you to produce professional welds with all types of metal! This 220-amp TIG welder features full 220 amps of welding power, independent A/C amperage adjustment, three-year warranty, and 90-day money-back guarantee. Buy the Invertig 221 now and receive a Free Pyrex Cup Kit and free shipping! The Air Cooled version is $2,495, the Water Cooled version is $3,020, and the Dual Voltage version is $3,070. Offer good till December 31, 2012.

HTP America Inc./USA Weld

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Have a car guy on your gift list, but not sure what to put under the tree? Check out ATI Performance Products’ 2012 Catalog! It’s chock-full of high-performance parts for a variety of GM applications. Quality, American-made transmissions, converters, super dampers, parts, and accessories for street and strip are right at your fingertips. If you’re not sure what to choose, get an ATI Gift Card—any amount, no hidden fees, and it never expires!

ATI Performance Products Inc.

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Kenne Bell now has 2.8L, 3.6L, and 4.2L Liquid Cooled Billet Twin Screw Superchargers for the ’11-and-up Camaro. These kits are big, bad, powerful, and offer the highest horsepower potential for the 6.2L ’11-and-up Camaro. Superchargers can be liquid cooled (patent pending) for higher-horsepower applications. A 1,400hp rated ram-air intake system, Mammoth rear inlet manifolds, and intercooler come standard for 650-1,400hp kits. Install up to a 168mm throttle body. It all fits under the stock hood. Traditional front-drive pulley setup (no rear jackshaft, etc.).

Kenne Bell

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Brodix Introduces the Dragon Slayer Small-Block Series. Economical out-of-the-box horsepower is what comes to mind with this new series of Dragon Slayer small-block heads from Brodix. The new Dragon Slayer 225 comes standard with CNC-ported 68cc combustion chambers, allowing this port to flow over 300 cfm at .600 cam lift. The best thing about this head is that all standard components such as rockers, lifters, and intake manifolds may be used.

Brodix Inc.

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ARP has what you need to improve the reliability of any LS-series engine by replacing factory TTY (Torque To Yield) bolts with extra strong, reusable head and main studs/bolts. You can also enhance appearance and durability by employing polished stainless steel fasteners instead of rust-prone OEM bolts. Everything is detailed in a special LS Product Guide, free for the asking. Engine and Accessory Fastener Kits are available for all popular engines.

Automotive Racing Products

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Chassisworks billet aluminum motor mounts and steel frame adapters enable direct bolt-in installation of Chevrolet V-8 and modern LS engines into stock subframes of ’67-81 Camaros (F-body), ’68-74 Novas (X-body), and ’64-72 Chevelles (A-body). Model-specific bolt-on frame adapters maintain correct engine position and drivetrain angle to ensure correct drivetrain geometry and pinion angle. Purchase online today! Pricing starts at $239 for complete mount and adapter sets.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

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Do you want more power without sacrificing precision? DeatschWerks provides drop-in fitment injector solutions for your LS1-LS9 engine. DW’s flow-balanced sets feature EV14’s, Bosch’s most technologically advanced multi-port fuel injector, ensuring the highest precision and reliability. DW injector sets range from 22 to 200 lb/hr, and come with their own flow report complete with battery offset data for easy tuning. DeatschWerks also provides industry-leading customer service, tech support, and comprehensive warranties.


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GM Officially Licensed gearshift knobs are available from Speed Dawg Shift Knobs. Select from a wide range of colors, styles, and logos. Each knob is made in the United States to the highest quality standards. Custom designs are also available.

Speed Dawg

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For the ultimate in “oval port” performance, the fully CNC-ported AFR 300 cc has no competition. This high flowing (390 cfm at .700 lift) is ideally suited for 427-540ci street and race applications. They come standard with 2.300/1.880 stainless valves, 1.550 od Pacaloy solid roller springs, Manley 10-degree retainer and locks, and ARP studs with adjustable guideplates.

Air Flow Research

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G-Floor RaceDay Peel & Stick Floor Tiles Benefits:

  • Easy, fast installation
  • Beautifies garages, shops, offices, break rooms, work areas, basements, mudrooms, and more
  • Hides old cracks and stains and helps prevent new ones
  • Available in two sizes and 12 attractive colors
  • Works on uneven surfaces
  • Cushions and insulates floor, reducing noise
  • Low cost

Better Life Technology

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