2012 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to getting your gifts this year, don't let it be socks!

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Discount Tire Direct has been in business for over 50 years and has one of the largest selections of tires and wheels to fit your car, truck, SUV, ATV, side-by-side, or trailer. Discount Tire Direct is dedicated to providing complete satisfaction to its customers. Not only do they offer low prices and more choices and free shipping, they also provide free mounting and balancing on your tire and wheel purchase.

Discount Tire

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Global West Suspension has recently introduced extended travel kits for the frontends of ’67-69 Camaros, ’68-74 Novas, ‘64-72 A-bodies, and ’73-77 A-bodies. The kits convert the front suspension over to coilover and raise the upper shock mount so the car can be low and still have adequate suspension travel. Kits start out at $289.

Global West Suspension

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The same quality that you expect from MSD products is now available in the new DynaForce Starter. Every starter is all-new and handbuilt in the United States. Each unit is dyno tested and blueprinted, and features an adjustable billet mounting block, a 3.4hp motor, and reduced 4.4:1 gear that easily cranks an 18:1 compression engine. Popular GM applications, including LS engines, are available.

MSD Performance

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Put a Ron Francis Wiring Express Kit under your Christmas tree and be ready for spring. These complete kits include a fully optioned fuse panel, high-quality color-coded wiring, and a headlight switch with their synergy bezel and knob. Not a generic wiring kit, it’s tailored to the project!

Ron Francis Wiring

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Getting hassled by tech at your local track? RPM Rollbars has your rollbar solution. Whether it’s for “show” or “go” you’re covered from 11.49 to 10.0. Gain better e.t.’s with a more rigid chassis, and look good at the same time. Chromoly and mild steel versions are available for your four-, five-, or six-point. There are many coatings to choose from. Ask about their buyback guarantee.

RPM Rollbars

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Flaming River’s new rack is made in the United States and features lifetime serviceability, all-new components, more than 6 inches of travel for improved turning radius, and billet pillow blocks, allowing for adjustable pinion angle. Kits include floor shift tilt key column, wiring adapter, Grade 8 mounting hardware, universal joints, shafting and support bearing, power steering pump, and polished aluminum reservoir.

Flaming River Industries

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The Boze/ZE Forged Lateral-G is a lightweight wheel with a performance look. This wheel is available in many different finishes, including a high polish, brushed aluminum, or powdercoat colors. All Boze wheels are custom-built from 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy and made in the United States.

Boze Forged

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Give your favorite gearhead the gift of “peace of mind”. Automotive electrical systems can be challenging to even the most experienced car builders. Painless Performance Products was founded on the idea that electrical upgrades should be, well, painless! They manufacture everything from switch panels and fuse blocks, plus complete wiring harness kits and installation harnesses to install a modern fuel-injected engine in almost any vehicle. For over 20 years, Painless has led the industry in innovation, performance, and integrity.

Painless Performance Products

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Boost-A-Pump from Kenne Bell has 100 percent more fuel but without expensive pumps. Upgrade any GM electric fuel pump to increase fuel supply up to 100 percent for the street or competition. It’s “on” only when needed, so no big full-time pump(s) to heat the fuel at idle and cruise. Proven reliable on supercharger and other higher horsepower applications for 16 years. With one-wire install, it eliminates the expense and mess of replacing tank wiring, pump(s), and adapters.

Kenne Bell

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Powermaster Performance now offers their high-quality, American-made alternators in a custom, new brushed aluminum look in the Satin Finish line. For a more subtle look than chrome or polished, the Satin Finish alternators have a brushed aluminum look that is reminiscent of ’60s customs. Available with an assortment of pulleys, fans, baffles, and nose cones, in chrome or black the Satin Finish, alternators allow a personalized look for any vehicle.

Powermaster Performance

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RideTech now offers struts for the newer generation of Mustangs and Camaros on the road today. Available in air or coil configurations, the struts utilize steel monotube shocks that prevent bends, tweaks, and leaks. Prices start at just $1,100 per pair. Give your new car the performance upgrade that’s been available on your hot rod for years.


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