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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to getting your gifts this year, don't let it be socks!

George Trosley Oct 16, 2012
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When it comes to getting your gifts this year, don't let it be socks! Use the 2012 Super Chevy Holiday Gift Guide to steer your loved ones in the right direction when it comes to choosing your presents. — Jim Campisano

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One part number gets you everything you need to complete your custom engine assembly with Eddie Motorsports billet aluminum serpentine pulley systems. Along with their tried-and-true systems for LS, big-block, and small-block Chevrolet engines, Eddie has recently introduced a small-block Ford system as well as a compact LS “Street Rod” kit. The compact S.drives feature pulleys and mounting brackets that are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum in the United States.

Eddie Motorsports

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Originally a factory option, Ground Up’s Black Comfort-Grip Sport Steering Wheel can be added to any ’69-and-up Chevelle, Camaro, El Camino, or Nova to improve interior styling. This complete kit includes a factory-style sport steering wheel, hub, contacts, horn cap, canceling cam, and hardware for a complete and simple installation. Ground Up also offers a full selection of factory-style sport wood wheel kits. Price: $209.95.

Ground Up Inc.

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SPEC Inc., the innovator in GM LS clutch technology, introduces their new line of single-disc performance clutches for C5 and C6 Corvettes. The new design is currently shipping and features the same extreme capacities you would expect from a SPEC clutch, but with a pedal effort reduction of over 10 percent and no measuring/shimming and no hydraulic upgrade installation. These kits have the same release window as the original self-ratcheting units, but with the increased performance, reliability, and safety these cars demand. These kits support power levels up to an amazing 1,000 lb-ft of torque for the street/strip units and 1,200 lb-ft for drag specific units.


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Gear up this holiday season with ididit apparel! ididit, the industry leader in steering column innovation, offers T-shirts and sweatshirts that your car guy or gal will love. ididit T-shirts are available in black, steel blue, and ash with sizes ranging from small to 3XL. ididit’s popular quarter-zip sweatshirts come in ash and are available in small to 3XL. You’ll be proud to say “ididit” with ididit apparel.

ididit Inc.

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Get organized and look good doing it. This storage bag (shown GBS-BT2000V Chevy Bow Tie) shaped like Chevy’s famous Bow Tie is perfect to neatly store detailing supplies, small handtools, and more. Made from sturdy canvas, the bag features a heavy-duty zipper, and embroidered lettering. Pack it up and be ready for anything.

Genuine Hotrod Hardware

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TSW Alloy Wheels, an industry leader in the development of innovative and striking staggered aftermarket wheels, introduces a meticulously crafted forward multi-spoke, the Brooklands. The Brooklands wheel has 10 thick forward radiating spokes that push the limit of one-piece style. The Brooklands comes in two brilliant finishes, matte black and silver with mirror-cut face. The Brooklands is available in an array of staggered sizes: 17x8, 18x8, 18x9.5, 19x8, 19x9.5, 20x8.5, and 20x10.

TSW Alloy Wheels

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How about a free transmission for Christmas? PerformaBuilt Transmissions announces its Holiday Transmission Giveaway. PerformaBuilt is refunding the full purchase price to a retail customer who buys a transmission between October 1 and December 22, 2012. There will be weekly drawings, and each weekly winner receives a $100 refund toward their purchase and goes into the final drawing on December 24. That winner will receive a full refund. Happy holidays!

Performabuilt Transmissions

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Monster Lug is the original high-end lug brand for performance-minded domestic and truck enthusiasts. Made of high-quality hardened steel and available in a variety of options, get yours now!

Mackin Industries

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QA1 now offers Rear Coilover Conversion Kits for GM applications, including Camaros, Firebirds, Chevelles, and more. Upgrade to the quality rear coilover system you need, with multiple valving options and ride height adjustability. QA1’s adjustable shocks are made in the United States and are 100 percent dyno tested before leaving their Minnesota facility. Put your trust in QA1 for your suspension needs.


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The new Fire Suppression Blanket from Thermo-Tec is what every racer, mechanic, or car buff needs. It works anywhere where a small fire can start quickly. The 40x60-inch blanket is bright orange for easy visibility and can smother a fire instantly. Made from 100 percent silica yarns, especially designed for high-temperature conditions, the blanket is resistant to most acids and alkalis, and will not rot or mildew. It’s also abrasive-resistant and unaffected by bleaches or solvents. It’s great to have in the garage, on the road, or at the track. It comes with a handy Velcro storage and carrying strap and can also be used as a welding blanket.


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Endurance Series Rocker Arms offer maximum strength and durability lap after lap, race after race! Made for high-endurance street, circle track, dirt track, and powerboat racing engines, this lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum has maximum strength and durability. Rocker arms are available in many ratios for high-lift applications, and the shorter poly lock is designed to fit under stock valve covers and clear 1.625-inch valvesprings. It comes with a 100 percent lifetime warranty.

Scorpion Racing Products

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The rigors of daily street use are hard on a hydraulic system, and RAM’s new HD hydraulic bearing addresses these issues with a new sealing system comprised of larger O-rings as well as Teflon-backing rings that retain the O-rings in their slots, reducing the risks of leaks due to over-travel or overpressurizing of the system. Combined with the new pedal adjustment system, you now have the ability to control the engagement point of your clutch system from low to the floor to right at the top, based on your comfort. Available for all LS and early-model applications, a complete listing is available online.

RAM Automotive

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Kinekt Design Gear Ring: Interactive jewelry for men and women. Turn the outer rims of the ring and see the gears move (see video online). Lifetime warranty and free shipping. Order online or call.

Kinekt Design

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YearOne’s line of updated classic muscle car wheels continues to grow. All feature a modern performance-tire–friendly 17-inch diameter, with widths of 8 and 9 inches available for most applications. Aluminum construction keeps the weight down despite the larger sizes, and the wheels accept OEM center caps and lug nuts.


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Airaid Filter is proud to offer complete Cold Air Intake Systems for all popular ’10-12 Chevy Camaro SS and ZL1, ’09-12 6.2L Cadillac CTS-V (sedan, coupe, wagon), and ’05-12 LS2 6.0L, LS3 6.2L, LS7 7.0L Chevy Corvette. Airaid intake systems feature a one piece, roto-molded cold airbox and intake tube, high-flow premium filter, complete hardware pack, and detailed step-by-step instructions for easy installation. All Airaid intake systems are made in the United States and backed by a lifetime “no-hassle” warranty!

Airaid Filter Co.

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Sprint Booster is engineered to enhance the driving experience by eliminating the delay on drive-by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the ECM with a new signal for much quicker response. Sprint Booster improves response, increases pedal input sensitivity, and delivers more impressive off-the-line performance you can really feel. It’s a simple plug-and-play installation that takes just a few minutes and delivers instant response throughout the powerband, making accelerating and rev matching more fun.

Sprint Booster USA

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Pace Performance now offers a full line of Chevrolet Performance engines with EFI systems from Holley, FAST, MSD, Edelbrock, and Professional Products. These EFI small- and big-block Chevy and LS engines are available in various trim options and come fully assembled and ready to run, starting at $4,889.95. Call for a quote on custom engine and transmission packages. Engine break-in, dyno tuning, and preprogramming are available.

Pace Performance

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PUI’s new Weatherstripping Kits are the ultimate in convenience for ’67-69 GM Camaro and Firebird rubber restoration. These kits include door weatherstripping, roof rail weatherstripping (hardtops only), trunk seal, vertical door weatherstripping and original-style window weatherstripping. These are available in kit form for one-stop shopping.

Parts Unlimited Inc.

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The Invertig 221 AC/DC Inverter Welder will allow you to produce professional welds with all types of metal! This 220-amp TIG welder features full 220 amps of welding power, independent A/C amperage adjustment, three-year warranty, and 90-day money-back guarantee. Buy the Invertig 221 now and receive a Free Pyrex Cup Kit and free shipping! The Air Cooled version is $2,495, the Water Cooled version is $3,020, and the Dual Voltage version is $3,070. Offer good till December 31, 2012.

HTP America Inc./USA Weld

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Have a car guy on your gift list, but not sure what to put under the tree? Check out ATI Performance Products’ 2012 Catalog! It’s chock-full of high-performance parts for a variety of GM applications. Quality, American-made transmissions, converters, super dampers, parts, and accessories for street and strip are right at your fingertips. If you’re not sure what to choose, get an ATI Gift Card—any amount, no hidden fees, and it never expires!

ATI Performance Products Inc.

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Kenne Bell now has 2.8L, 3.6L, and 4.2L Liquid Cooled Billet Twin Screw Superchargers for the ’11-and-up Camaro. These kits are big, bad, powerful, and offer the highest horsepower potential for the 6.2L ’11-and-up Camaro. Superchargers can be liquid cooled (patent pending) for higher-horsepower applications. A 1,400hp rated ram-air intake system, Mammoth rear inlet manifolds, and intercooler come standard for 650-1,400hp kits. Install up to a 168mm throttle body. It all fits under the stock hood. Traditional front-drive pulley setup (no rear jackshaft, etc.).

Kenne Bell

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Brodix Introduces the Dragon Slayer Small-Block Series. Economical out-of-the-box horsepower is what comes to mind with this new series of Dragon Slayer small-block heads from Brodix. The new Dragon Slayer 225 comes standard with CNC-ported 68cc combustion chambers, allowing this port to flow over 300 cfm at .600 cam lift. The best thing about this head is that all standard components such as rockers, lifters, and intake manifolds may be used.

Brodix Inc.

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ARP has what you need to improve the reliability of any LS-series engine by replacing factory TTY (Torque To Yield) bolts with extra strong, reusable head and main studs/bolts. You can also enhance appearance and durability by employing polished stainless steel fasteners instead of rust-prone OEM bolts. Everything is detailed in a special LS Product Guide, free for the asking. Engine and Accessory Fastener Kits are available for all popular engines.

Automotive Racing Products

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Chassisworks billet aluminum motor mounts and steel frame adapters enable direct bolt-in installation of Chevrolet V-8 and modern LS engines into stock subframes of ’67-81 Camaros (F-body), ’68-74 Novas (X-body), and ’64-72 Chevelles (A-body). Model-specific bolt-on frame adapters maintain correct engine position and drivetrain angle to ensure correct drivetrain geometry and pinion angle. Purchase online today! Pricing starts at $239 for complete mount and adapter sets.

Chris Alston's Chassisworks

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Do you want more power without sacrificing precision? DeatschWerks provides drop-in fitment injector solutions for your LS1-LS9 engine. DW’s flow-balanced sets feature EV14’s, Bosch’s most technologically advanced multi-port fuel injector, ensuring the highest precision and reliability. DW injector sets range from 22 to 200 lb/hr, and come with their own flow report complete with battery offset data for easy tuning. DeatschWerks also provides industry-leading customer service, tech support, and comprehensive warranties.


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GM Officially Licensed gearshift knobs are available from Speed Dawg Shift Knobs. Select from a wide range of colors, styles, and logos. Each knob is made in the United States to the highest quality standards. Custom designs are also available.

Speed Dawg

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For the ultimate in “oval port” performance, the fully CNC-ported AFR 300 cc has no competition. This high flowing (390 cfm at .700 lift) is ideally suited for 427-540ci street and race applications. They come standard with 2.300/1.880 stainless valves, 1.550 od Pacaloy solid roller springs, Manley 10-degree retainer and locks, and ARP studs with adjustable guideplates.

Air Flow Research

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Sucp 1212 056 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 56/135

G-Floor RaceDay Peel & Stick Floor Tiles Benefits:

  • Easy, fast installation
  • Beautifies garages, shops, offices, break rooms, work areas, basements, mudrooms, and more
  • Hides old cracks and stains and helps prevent new ones
  • Available in two sizes and 12 attractive colors
  • Works on uneven surfaces
  • Cushions and insulates floor, reducing noise
  • Low cost

Better Life Technology

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Sucp 1212 058 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 58/135

Discount Tire Direct has been in business for over 50 years and has one of the largest selections of tires and wheels to fit your car, truck, SUV, ATV, side-by-side, or trailer. Discount Tire Direct is dedicated to providing complete satisfaction to its customers. Not only do they offer low prices and more choices and free shipping, they also provide free mounting and balancing on your tire and wheel purchase.

Discount Tire

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Sucp 1212 060 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 60/135

Global West Suspension has recently introduced extended travel kits for the frontends of ’67-69 Camaros, ’68-74 Novas, ‘64-72 A-bodies, and ’73-77 A-bodies. The kits convert the front suspension over to coilover and raise the upper shock mount so the car can be low and still have adequate suspension travel. Kits start out at $289.

Global West Suspension

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The same quality that you expect from MSD products is now available in the new DynaForce Starter. Every starter is all-new and handbuilt in the United States. Each unit is dyno tested and blueprinted, and features an adjustable billet mounting block, a 3.4hp motor, and reduced 4.4:1 gear that easily cranks an 18:1 compression engine. Popular GM applications, including LS engines, are available.

MSD Performance

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Put a Ron Francis Wiring Express Kit under your Christmas tree and be ready for spring. These complete kits include a fully optioned fuse panel, high-quality color-coded wiring, and a headlight switch with their synergy bezel and knob. Not a generic wiring kit, it’s tailored to the project!

Ron Francis Wiring

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Getting hassled by tech at your local track? RPM Rollbars has your rollbar solution. Whether it’s for “show” or “go” you’re covered from 11.49 to 10.0. Gain better e.t.’s with a more rigid chassis, and look good at the same time. Chromoly and mild steel versions are available for your four-, five-, or six-point. There are many coatings to choose from. Ask about their buyback guarantee.

RPM Rollbars

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Flaming River’s new rack is made in the United States and features lifetime serviceability, all-new components, more than 6 inches of travel for improved turning radius, and billet pillow blocks, allowing for adjustable pinion angle. Kits include floor shift tilt key column, wiring adapter, Grade 8 mounting hardware, universal joints, shafting and support bearing, power steering pump, and polished aluminum reservoir.

Flaming River Industries

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Sucp 1212 070 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 70/135

The Boze/ZE Forged Lateral-G is a lightweight wheel with a performance look. This wheel is available in many different finishes, including a high polish, brushed aluminum, or powdercoat colors. All Boze wheels are custom-built from 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy and made in the United States.

Boze Forged

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Sucp 1212 072 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 72/135

Give your favorite gearhead the gift of “peace of mind”. Automotive electrical systems can be challenging to even the most experienced car builders. Painless Performance Products was founded on the idea that electrical upgrades should be, well, painless! They manufacture everything from switch panels and fuse blocks, plus complete wiring harness kits and installation harnesses to install a modern fuel-injected engine in almost any vehicle. For over 20 years, Painless has led the industry in innovation, performance, and integrity.

Painless Performance Products

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Sucp 1212 074 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 74/135

Boost-A-Pump from Kenne Bell has 100 percent more fuel but without expensive pumps. Upgrade any GM electric fuel pump to increase fuel supply up to 100 percent for the street or competition. It’s “on” only when needed, so no big full-time pump(s) to heat the fuel at idle and cruise. Proven reliable on supercharger and other higher horsepower applications for 16 years. With one-wire install, it eliminates the expense and mess of replacing tank wiring, pump(s), and adapters.

Kenne Bell

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Sucp 1212 076 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 76/135

Powermaster Performance now offers their high-quality, American-made alternators in a custom, new brushed aluminum look in the Satin Finish line. For a more subtle look than chrome or polished, the Satin Finish alternators have a brushed aluminum look that is reminiscent of ’60s customs. Available with an assortment of pulleys, fans, baffles, and nose cones, in chrome or black the Satin Finish, alternators allow a personalized look for any vehicle.

Powermaster Performance

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Sucp 1212 078 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 78/135

RideTech now offers struts for the newer generation of Mustangs and Camaros on the road today. Available in air or coil configurations, the struts utilize steel monotube shocks that prevent bends, tweaks, and leaks. Prices start at just $1,100 per pair. Give your new car the performance upgrade that’s been available on your hot rod for years.


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Sucp 1212 080 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 80/135

Here’s a gift idea for that Chevy LS engine swap enthusiast. It’s attractive, it’s functional, and best of all, it’s affordable. It’s a serpentine bracket system that solves clearance issues around frames, crossmembers, and steering gears of most muscle cars and classic pickups. The Kwik Performance bracket system mounts a popular aftermarket A/C compressor and reuses stock GM alternators and power steering pumps. Versions to match almost all LS engine series, starting at less than $200.

Kwik Performance

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Sucp 1212 082 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 82/135

Borgeson Universal Company has the perfect upgrade for your manual or old factory power steering system. Borgeson offers true modern quick ratio power steering conversions for ’55-65 Chevy fullsize cars, ’62-72 Chevy IIs/Novas, ’63-82 Corvettes, ’65-70 Mustangs, ’52-64 Ford fullsize cars, ’62-72 Ford midsize cars, and ’62-82 Mopars. Feel the road with a modern power steering conversion from Borgeson. Complete kits available starting at $745.

Borgeson Universal

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Sucp 1212 084 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 84/135

X-Change … the perfect PYPES exhaust component for your favorite Chevy. It features open exhaust after their performance enhancing X-Pipe. It speeds up the flow of exhaust gases through the system and provides a serious horsepower increase. Open the dumps and get a killer rumbling sound and great performance. Cap and uncap the dumps (it only takes a couple of minutes) or opt for their Electric Cut-Outs for “flip-of-the-switch” convenience. Great for the street or strip! It bolts on for an easy installation on your Chevelle, Camaro, Tri-Five, Nova, Impala, El Camino, and Chevy truck.


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Sucp 1212 086 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 86/135

Nickey Chicago, with the backward “K”, home of the original 427ci Camaro, presents the ’13 Nickey Super Camaros. They are available in Stage I, 500 hp; Stage II, 600-800 hp; or Stage III, 700-1,000 hp, or more! Now accepting orders to have your very own limited-edition Nickey Super Camaro custom built to your specifications, just like “back in the day”.

Nickey Chicago

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Sucp 1212 088 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 88/135

Flex-a-lite offers a performance cooling solution for the ’10-11 Camaro with its all-new Flex-a-fit Aluminum Radiator and Electric Fan Combination, PN 56488. The Flex-a-fit radiator with patented side tank design provides three times the cooling surface and twice the core thickness than the stock radiator for significantly improved cooling. Drill-free direct-fit bolt-in application for the ’10-11 Camaro retains factory-style mounting and cut-free installation.


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Sucp 1212 090 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 90/135

TP Tools’ free 164-page catalog has all the tools you need to restore your street rod or everyday ride! TP Tools’ catalog has thousands of tools to make your restoration easier, featuring made-in-the-USA Skat Blast abrasive blasting cabinets, abrasives, HVLP paint systems and spray guns, air tools, compressors, buffers, autobody repair and shop supplies, metalworking, engine stands, paints, POR-15, and more! Same-day shipping on most orders with live operators, plus free technical help!

TP Tools

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Sucp 1212 092 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 92/135

Forgeline’s RB3C wheel, developed in conjunction with the Ringbrothers for their award-winning Diversion Camaro, features a unique concave design with subtle directional spokes, a flat reverse lip, and hidden ARP fasteners. And like all of Forgeline’s three-piece wheels, the RB3C is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications.

Forgeline Motorsports

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Sucp 1212 094 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 94/135

Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool makes a great $14.95 stocking stuffer! Nothing is faster and easier for cleaning windshields and difficult-to-reach interior glass. Reach & Clean Tool combines a strong comfort grip handle with a flexible cleaning head that conforms to curved surfaces as it grips, pivots, and cleans even the tightest corners. Includes reusable microfiber glass and dusting bonnets, and a scrubber bonnet.

Stoner Inc.

Sucp 1212 095 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 95/135
Sucp 1212 096 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 96/135

New Port Engineering offers brand-new, bolt-in wiper motor replacement kits for Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, and Chevrolet passenger cars. Standard features include a modern heavy-duty, two-speed, self-parking motor that is smaller and more powerful than an original or rebuilt motor. Options include Intermittent Delay Switches and Washer Pump Kits. Upgrade to a New Port Engineering wiper kit and drive through the next rainstorm!

New Port Engineering

Sucp 1212 097 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 97/135
Sucp 1212 098 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 98/135

For the person who has horsepower, the greatest gift is the gift of traction. Introducing the new Detroit Truetrac for the Camaro (2010-2012). With helical gear design and torque biasing technology, this gift will keep on giving every time they hit the gas. Order now!

Eaton Performance

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Sucp 1212 100 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 100/135

Undercover Innovations has got you covered, literally. If you have an overheating problem with your classic car, Undercover Innovations might have a solution for you. Or if you’re tired of looking at the unattractive front of your radiator, let them dress it up. GMs, Fords, Mopars—models are added all the time. Licensed by GM, engraved logos and custom engraving is also available. Valve covers with custom engraving are available, too.

Undercover Innovations

Sucp 1212 101 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 101/135
Sucp 1212 102 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 102/135

Pacific Fabrication is your one-stop shop for all your LS engine needs. Pacific Fab specializes in new and used ready-to-run LS packages including LS1, 2, 3, 6, and 7, and 6.0/5.3L truck engines. It also sells new stand-alone engine wiring harnesses, performance parts, conversion packages, and provides custom-built engines. Pacific Fab also performs conversions on any type of car or truck at their state-of-the-art facility.

Pacific Fabrication

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Sucp 1212 104 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 104/135

The Speedbuilt Carbon Fiber Engine Cover will make your engine bay pop like nothing else. The stunning carbon-fiber weave will impress even the most discerning enthusiast. The tastefully trimmed stainless steel and chrome trim accent and finish the look. Customize it to match your car with custom paint, vinyl striping, badges, or additional stainless accessories. Make it uniquely yours. Camaro lettering shown in photo not included. Cost: $379.

Parts For Your Car

Sucp 1212 105 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 105/135
Sucp 1212 106 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 106/135

New from Camaro Central is this custom-style black windshield wiper arm and blade kit for many GM models. The complete kit includes two arms and two blades. It has a black finish for a custom look. These wiper arms and blades are made to original specifications for a perfect fit and function with a custom finish. It’s a great gift for any classic car owner. Adding these black wipers to any classic car will give it that custom look. Camaro Central offers gift cards in any mount for the classic car lover on your Christmas list. It fits: ’67-69 Camaros/Firebirds, ’64-67 Chevelles, ’64-67 GTOs, ’62-72 Novas, and ’62-72 Chevy trucks.

Camaro Central

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Sucp 1212 108 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 108/135

Aeromotive ’67-69 GM F-body Stealth Fuel Tanks for classic muscle cars are stock appearing tanks with a performance baffling system and built-in 340 Stealth Fuel Pump. Perfect for EFI conversions and LS swaps, these tank systems can support up to 700-plus horsepower EFI and 1,000hp carbureted. Comes fully assembled with 0- to 90-ohm sending unit, billet hanger assembly, fuel pump, and a silver powdercoat finish as a direct bolt-in replacement for your stock tank. Also available for first-gen Mustangs and Tri-Five Chevys.

Shown: PN 18657 ’67-68 F-Body and ’69 F-Body (Camaro and Firebird)


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Sucp 1212 112 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 110/135

Oracle Lighting Technologies introduces their new line of SMD Halos for the fifth-generation Camaro, featuring Surface Mount Technology 3528 LEDs made by Bridgelux LED (made in the United States). These new SMD rings are brilliantly bright, extremely durable, and last for 50,000 hours of continuous use (they should outlive your car!). Each Oracle Halo Ring contains hundreds of high-powered, surface-mount LEDs and fit both RS and non-RS Camaro models. Oracle Halo Kits are available for just about any vehicle application and if Oracle does not already make a kit for your car they will build one for you if you ship your headlights to them!

AAC Enterprises

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Sucp 1212 110 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 112/135

T&D Machine Products produces the most reputable shaft-mounted roller rocker arm systems in the industry. The best racers and the finest engine builders have come to know that larger shafts, bearings, and adjusters mean superb stability, reliable and controllable valve lash, longevity, and increased performance—seen on dynos and racetracks everywhere. Backed by superb customer service, T&D’s engineering excellence comes from racers who know what racers need.

T&D Machine Products

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Sucp 1212 114 2012 Holiday Gift Guide 114/135

Late-model Camaro owners will rejoice with delight once opening this Christmas gift from Santa. Energy Suspension’s engineers have created the best possible handling solution to improving an already efficient chassis design. Manufactured with proven Hyper-Flex polyurethane, Energy offers front and rear control arm, sway bar bushings, differential carrier bushings, rear subframe inserts, and mounts. Each component is designed to complement your Camaro’s ride quality while removing understeer and excessive body roll, resulting in a street and track-friendly modern muscle car. Available in red or black.

Energy Suspension

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Take your car to the next level with an LED conversion kit that is uniquely sequential. Digi-Tails are brighter and more eye-catching than anything else available. Make your car safer for you and other drivers at any speed. Digi-Tails maximizes light output and features a sweeping on/off effect, making this one of your most satisfying upgrades. Available for many GM and Mopars, ranging from ’55-92 model years.

Spaghetti Engineering

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Unisteer Performance Products offers a full-line bolt-in rack-and-pinion kit for all popular Chevy applications. These kits improve handling, steering effort, and steering response. These rack-and-pinions have been engineered to match factory suspension and have no bumpsteer. Kits are available for Tri-Fives, Camaros, Chevelles, Corvettes, and even C10 pickups.

Unisteer Performance Products

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Since 1982, Procar by Scat has been a top choice for automotive seating. Procar offers sensible styling at an affordable price. Procar's custom seating systems offer easy installation, with custom mounting brackets for over 3,000 applications. Procar has a complete lineup of seats with over 15 different models that look great in your muscle car, ponycar, Jeep, off-road buggy, truck, or daily commuter.

Scat Enterprises

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Need a front sump oil pan for your '62-67 Nova? Their new pan allows for rear sump oil pump (high volume or standard), will clear factory power steering, and provides lots of ground clearance for lowered cars. High-quality construction assures a quality seal and fit. The pan is available for one- or two-piece rear main seal V-8 blocks. Also available is the oil pickup tube that matches this pan. Visit their online catalog 24 hours a day.

GM Classics/Chevy 2 Only

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The School of Automotive Machinists (SAM) offers courses in block, head, and CNC machining. Starting in September 2012, SAM will offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Engine/Block and Cylinder Head Machining for students wanting to continue their academic education. SAM was awarded the School of Excellence award in 2011, has a 95 percent placement rate, and has been placing graduates in the motorsports industry for the past 25 years.

School Of Automotive Machinists (SAM)

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Grip Equipped unveiled their new line of premium three-piece forged wheels that fuse race-ready engineering with a nostalgic muscular flare. Their innovative, no-compromise approach has created wheels 40 percent stronger than cast while retaining a perfect balance of vintage inspiration with a modern industrial twist. They are American-made from 6061-T6 aluminum, sizes range from 17-22 inches and are available in a variety of finishes and custom offsets.

Grip Equipped

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Direct from the publisher savings, subscribe to your favorite magazines at the lowest prices of the year! Magazines as low as $8! Over 50 titles to choose from! Take advantage of these deals for yourself or as a gift for someone on your list.

Source Interlink Magazine Store

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Are you a real race fan?

Join the club!

Red Line Shirt Club

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Welding Gear from Lincoln Electric.

With every job or hobby, it pays to get the right tools and gear to do it right the first time. Lincoln Electric offers a full line of personal protection clothing including Viking Welding Helmets, Red Line gloves, jackets and safety glasses, and their new line of Radius Tools. Whether you weld for a living or you’re an occasional welder, Lincoln Electric has the right welding gear for you.

Lincoln Electric

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