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1967 Chevy Camaro RSL - Blue Devil

The heart of the '67 is a 600HP Chevrolet performance ZZ430 crate engine

Patrick Hill Oct 29, 2012
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For years, Barry Zelisko owned a Pro Street '63 Nova with a blown small-block. The car was fun, enjoyable at shows, and gave him miles of pleasure. But as the Pro Touring-era dawned and Pro Street-style cars took a back seat to the new trend, he found himself admiring the look and stance of the G-machines beginning to outnumber his Nova at shows.

Soon enough, the Nova was sold and the search began for a replacement to become Barry's new Pro Touring toy. He'd always been in love with first-generation Camaros, so his search was limited to the triumvirate of greatness that are the '67, '68, and '69 F-bodies. The original target was finding a '69, but after coming up dry on a few leads, Barry came across this '67 RS for sale in the San Jose, California, area. The previous owner had already done much of the work to get the car into Pro Touring trim, but after a few autocross events was out of money and couldn't keep going. After weighing his options, and what it would cost to build a car from scratch with similar modifications, money was swapped for title, and shortly after the Camaro was in the Great White North with its new owner. Barry set out to fix all of the car's mechanical ills and gremlins, then focused on polishing up the paint and fixing all the small appearance details hiding the car's true beauty.

The heart of the '67 is a 600hp Chevrolet Performance ZZ430 crate engine that was disassembled and blueprinted to handle boost by Campbell Auto Restoration, with all the machine work done by Top of the Hill. The rods were changed to Scat I-beam units, and the factory pistons swapped for a set of SRP forged 9.0:1 blower pistons with Speed-Pro rings. The stock-forged crank, Fast Burn heads, and GM LT4 "Hot Cam" were retained. On top is an Edelbrock Air Gap intake with a Carb Shop modified Holley 750 HP carb. Boost comes from a ProCharger P-1SC supercharger system, making a streetable 10 psi of boost. A J&S boost retard setup keeps the centrifugal in check. Ignition is handled by an MSD 6AL2 box, and water/methanol injection guards against detonation. The front accessory drive is a March Performance system, and exhaust is handled by Hedman ceramic coated 1-3/4-inch headers and Magnaflow exhaust.

For gears a Tremec TKO 600 was bolted to the potent small-block, with a McLeod dual-disc hydraulic clutch and aluminum flywheel. Transmitting power from the trans to the rear is a Denny's nitrous ready custom driveshaft with 1350 U-joints front and rear. The axle is a Moser 12-bolt, stuffed with 3.73 gears and a Tru-Trac limited slip differential, spinning 33-spline axles with C-clip eliminators. Also in the back is a custom Rick's stainless steel gas tank with a check ball and fuel door system, to prevent gas from spilling out the filler tube during heavy g maneuvers.

While Gearhead Garage was stripping the body down for repairs and prep to be sprayed in Subaru World Rally Blue with Silverstone stripes, Campbell Auto Restoration started work on the chassis parts. A Fatman Fabrications front subframe was fully customized for the '67, with tuneable Koni coilover shocks, Eibach springs, and a Speedway splined swaybar. The subframe itself was reconfigured and given extra strengthening for severe duty use. Detroit Speed subframe connectors tie the two ends of the Camaro together, with Hotchkis leaf springs, Global West rear shackle/bushing kit, and QA1 adjustable shocks keeping the Moser 12-bolt located and steady. The '67 rolls on Boze ZE Forge Boost wheels, 18x8 with Nitto Invo 245/35ZR18s front, and 18x9 with Invo 275/35ZR18s rear. The Boze wheels cover up Baer disc brakes, 13-inchers up front, 12-inch in the rear, actuated by a hydroboost system.

To make sure the interior matched the slick exterior of the Camaro, Gearhead Garage's Shawn Katt covered the new Corbeau bucket seats and factory rear seat in Italian black leather, along with the custom center console, door, quarter, and package tray panels. For keeping tabs on the small-block, Auto Meter Pro-Comp Ultralight gauges were stuffed in the factory gauge cluster and center console. A Momo steering wheel sits on an ididit steering column, and the Tremec six-speed is shifted by a McLeod stick. We spotted Barry's '67 at the 2011 Edmonton Super Chevy Show, the gleaming World Rally Blue paint glistening like a sapphire in the sun, ready to take on any twists and turns its pilot headed toward.

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