1967 Chevy Chevelle - The AMD Chevelle

It took a lot of talent, hard work, and great parts to save this SS from the scrap heap, but just look at it now

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The completed chassis was covered up and stashed away until the body was completed. The bodywork was quite extensive and the SEMA deadline was fast approaching, but finishing the car was still doable. Once all the bodywork was completed, the car was rolled in the booth and Craig's son Aaron coated it in DuPont's Emerald Turquoise Metallic and buried it in clear. Once that dried, it was rolled out of the booth and Craig called all hands on deck! The normal shop crew of Aaron Hopkins, Caesar Brecino, and Chris Dyer received a bunch of helping hands in the way of Popeye, Danny Reese, Chuck Wehemt, and Bo Anderson. This motely crew of dudes got after it and completed the car.

The body was muscled back on the fresh chassis and supported by PST body bushings. An American Autowire harness was installed before being covered up in upholstery from Legendary Auto Interiors and LMC. Legendary also provided the new vinyl top, which gives a nice break up to all that Emerald Turquoise. All the glass in the car was replaced with AMD panes, and Metro Moulded seals keep the elements out. The guys were in the homestretch and the only thing really left to do was install all the shiny stuff. Ground Up Restorations provided the grille front-end trim, which was complemented with lenses and emblems from Trim Parts. The last thing to find its way onto the car was the stock 14-inch rims wrapped in Coker Tire 70 series redline tires.

The car was completed just in time to be loaded on the truck and shipped off for its unveiling at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in the AMD booth, where it was an immediate smash.

"When I first saw the AMD Chevelle at SEMA, I couldn't believe it was the same car that was on our cover only a short time before. I was completely flabbergasted," says Super Chevy Editor Jim Campisano. "It was as if someone delivered a brand-new '67 SS396 via time warp to the convention center. Of course, I don't think Chevy ever built one with paint this gorgeous. The build quality and sheetmetal were beyond amazing. The AMD Chevelle was surrounded by admirers for the entire four days of the show."

The A-body came out awesome, as you can tell by the feature images. By the time you read this, the car will be on the show circuit across the country, and once the show season is over we will get the keys and then our work will begin. One thing that is great is we will have test data on a totally stock car before we do the modifications so we will all know exactly how these things handled back in the day.

We know we covered a lot of ground in this feature without going into a ton of detail. That's because we have covered everything mentioned in tech articles throughout the year. So, if you want to see how it all went down, you can find the article in your archive or on our website. Also, Craig Hopkins shot a complete how-to video series on all the sheetmetal work, which will be available at some point. The next time you see the AMD Chevelle in the pages of Super Chevy it will be getting some sort of upgrade.

We would like to thank all these companies and people for providing parts, labor, and time on this project.

  • Aaron Hopkins
  • American Autowire
  • AMK Hardware
  • Auto Metal Direct
  • Auto Moulding USA
  • Bo Anderson
  • Caesar Brecino
  • Chris Dyer
  • Chuck Wehemt
  • Coker Tire
  • Cometic Gaskets
  • Comp Cams
  • Craig Hopkins
  • Danny Reese
  • DuPont
  • Evercoat
  • Greg Graham
  • Ground Up Restorations
  • Legendary Auto Interiors
  • Long Motor Corp (LMC)
  • MagnaFlow
  • Mark Hedrick
  • Metro Moulded
  • National Parts Depot
  • Popeye
  • PST
  • Right Stuff Detailing
  • Rubber Seal
  • Second Skin
  • Trim Parts, Inc.




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