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1968 Camaro Sales Brochure

A quick look at what Chevy customers had to choose from when ordering their new Camaro in '68

May 16, 2012
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The Camaro's debut on September 26th, 1966 at dealerships was a stunning success for Chevrolet, with 220,906 cars sold and a future that looked extremely bright. For '68, things got even better for Camaro buyers. The grille and turn signals were revised, along with the taillights, and sidemarker lights added front and rear to increase visibility. Vent windows were gone too, thanks to the new Astro Ventilation system. Inside, the interior was moderately refreshed, with slight changes to the instrument cluster and radio area. The biggest change was the center console and optional gauge package.

For '68, the Z28 option was given more prominence with special badges and appearance items. Sales shot up from 602 Z/28s in '67, to 7,199 in '68. Big-block production skyrocketed in '68 also, with 13,970 rat equipped cars leaving Van Nuys and Norwood versus 5,141 in '67. New for '68 was the 350 HP 396 (L34) and the aluminum headed, solid lifter cammed 375 HP version (L89). While the front suspension was virtually identical (a few minor changes), out back, multi-leaf springs were installed on any Camaro with an engine above the base 210 HP 327, to help reduce wheel hop issues encountered on the mono-spring equipped '67s. Another change to fight this problem was staggering the rear shock mounts.

Some cool things to note in this brochure are on page 6, where a RS convertible was shot in front of a United 727 (the tail of a United DC-8 is visible in the background), and on page 11, the multi-tone accent band option. The multi-tone accent band is an interesting item. Even though it's in the brochure, no signs of it being produced exist. Mike Antonick's "Camaro White Book" shows no production numbers for this option. Another interesting thing we've never seen is the Mag-Spoke wheel cover pictured just below it.

For '68, 15 exterior color options are shown in this brochure, but in Antonick's book 19 options are listed (Tripoli Turquoise being the author's favorite) along with six interior color options, and black or white vinyl tops. Not sure what happened inside GM, but comparing the White Book to the '68 Brochure, colors added at some point through production were Fathom Blue (EE), Grecian Green (HH), Corvette Bronze (OO), and Palomino Ivory (TT).

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