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Thanks to a hectic schedule, it's been awhile since I had a chance to get a new one of these scanned for the website. And even though Super Chevy doesn't focus on Corvettes as in the past, we know a lot of you guys still appreciate stuff like this.

1964 was the second year for the C2 platform, and beyond the obvious change that eliminated the split rear window, the suspension also saw improvements with variable rate springs and newly calibrated shocks. Production for '64 totaled 22,229 cars built.

Top dog on the engine side was still the 375 HP, fuel injected L84 327, but this would be its last year as top dog, with the L78 396 coming in mid-year '65 to replace it. Color wise you could choose from seven different colors, the rarest of which would end up being Saddle Tan (1,765 built), pictured in the factory brochure. Second rarest was Tuxedo Black at 1,897.

'64 was also the last year the Corvette would have to depend on drum brakes, with four wheel discs on the horizon for '65.

Across the board, the '64 sales brochures all featured much more real life photography in place of the usual drawn art work Chevrolet/GM relied upon previous to 1963. It definitely adds more realism to seeing what the Corvette was all about.

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