Super Chevy Drag Racing Greats, Part 2

This month, our magical history tour takes us into the realm of black & white photos and stock bodies.

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Editor's note: For the younger turks in the congregation, it's hard to fathom a time when everyone didn’t have a high-quality digital camera in his pocket that doubled as a telephone, calculator, and video sexting device. But back in the psychedelic '60s and swingin' '70s, real photographers roamed the dragstrips of the great U.S. of A., taking pictures and capturing for posterity a timeless era in Chevrolet racing history—one that would never be repeated. Check out these fabulous photos from one of the legendary lensmen of that era. Come back next month for Part 3. –Jim Campisano

 sucp 1203 17 Super Chevy Drag Racing Greats Chevy Vega 427 Big 2/20


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