Take a Peek: Inside the '67 Chevelle/Malibu Sales Brochure

Patrick Hill Feb 22, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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It must've been a serious high to work as a salesman at a Chevy dealership in 1966/1967. The new Camaro was hitting the showroom floor, the '67 full size line was revamped with a fastback style roofline, the Nova was finally getting some muscle, and the Corvette and Chevelle were in the last production year before seeing major redesigns.

For '67 the Chevelle saw a moderate face lift and revision to its rear with new taillights. Inside, everything was pretty much the same as the '66 model. Two new engine options for '67 were the 325 HP 327 small-block, and the 325 HP 396 big-block. Odd that the two new engines had the same horsepower rating, but Chevy did some odd things back then. Buyers now had three different rat motors to choose from, the two hydraulic cammed engines and the solid lifter equipped L78. Transmission wise the TH400 3-speed automatic was available with the 396, while the small block options still had the venerable Powerglide behind them.

'67 would be the last year for the 115-inch wheelbase platform and traditional body. The '67's grille is still a source of debate today, with a strong group of followers who say it was the better looking car versus the '66. The same is debated for the rear, with two camps lobbying for which year had the better looking taillights.

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For '67 buyers had their choice of 22 different paint options, 15 solid colors with optional vinyl tops, and seven two-tone paint combos. There were nine different interior colors also, with availability depending on the model you ordered.




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