1962 Chevrolet Sales Brochure

What Would You Want for ’62?

Patrick Hill Feb 15, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Sorry we didn’t get one of these up for you all last week. It’s been a little crazy around the Super Chevy offices as we put the finishing touches on the 2012 Nova Special (on sale March 27th) and our June 2012 issue (on sale April 17th).

1962 was the second year for Chevy’s revamped full size line. After a stunning debut in ’61, GM designers refined the overall shape minimally, the biggest changes coming with the car’s front grille, hood, and rear valence. Inside the interior stayed virtually the same.

The two biggest new items for ’62 were the 327 small-block and 409 W-series engines. For the 327, buyers could get either a 250 or 300 HP version, while the 409 offerings consisted of either the hydraulic cammed 380 HP version, or the dual carb, solid lifter cam 409 HP setup.

Particular to the brochure itself, one interesting thing about ’62 was the use of actual photography on the front and rear covers. Up to this point, GM relied exclusively on beautifully rendered artwork to illustrate its dealer brochures. Within a few years though, the brochures would use nothing but real photographs.

Right now, I’m thinking a Nassau Blue ’62 Biscayne, with four-speed/409 power for my order. How about you?

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