2011 Chevy Camaro 2LT - The Ultimate Tanning Booth

The Camaro convertible is back and as sexy as ever

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It takes about 20 seconds for the top to go up and down, which we think is fairly reasonable. Like the current Corvette roadster, one latch in the center of the front bow is all you need to release and fasten the roof. As a bonus, when you unlatch the top, the four windows automatically retract.

Installing the top boot is fairly simple as well. Two clips attach the boot to the back of the rear seat. Then it's a matter of folding the ends of the vinyl apparatus under the fenders. You can remove it just as easily by lifting up on the snaps and folding it up.

The biggest downside is the trunk. Not exactly the Camaro's strongest point in coupe form, in the convertible it's pretty much a joke if you have any desire to put the top down. There's a horizontal divider that needs to stay in place if the top is being retracted and you can't store anything on top of it. Remove the divider and the canvas roof must remain in the up position. Hard to believe this car was designed to be a convertible from the start. When folded, the boot itself takes up a large share of the trunk.

All this seems completely unimportant with the top down and the vehicle in motion. It's a fantastic machine for sun-worshippers and convertible aficionados. Whether you are taking the family out for ice cream or that certain someone for a run to the beach, the Camaro convertible is a wonderful machine. On a starry night with the stars shining, a better way to experience open-air motoring is hard to find. True, there is the Corvette, but it costs nearly twice as much and seats half as many.

If you plan on doing any serious drag racing or open-track events, you'll probably want to stay with a hardtop Camaro (roll bars really detract from convertibles). If not, the newest convertible from Chevrolet makes a compelling argument for going topless.

2011 Camaro 2LT Convertible

Base price$32,650
As tested$36,185
Options on test car
Automatic transmission$1,185
RS package* $1,500
(*20x8-inch front and 20x9-inch rear wheels, high-intensity discharge headlamps, rear spoiler, unique taillamps)
Final Assembly Point:Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Engine Assembly:Mexico
Transmission Assembly:France




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