1967 Chevy Impala SS - Revenge Of The Land Yachts

Foreign Sports Cars Scatter When This Impala SS Comes Barreling Around The Turns

Rod Short May 31, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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"If the ZZ572 had been available then, I would have grabbed that instead," Buster says. "Even so, we found this to be very dependable and strong. In testing, we found that putting on a Holley 750 HP picked it up two-tenths right out of the box, but we were hard on the transmission and had to go through it a couple of times to get it to last. With 28.5x15 Mickey Thompsons on the rear, the best we've gone with the car on the quarter-mile is a 12.36 at 111 mph."

The hardest aspect of this restoration project, however, didn't involve the performance upgrades at all. Instead, it was gathering together all of the little chrome and stainless steel trim pieces that aren't available as reproduction pieces. Many of the survivor cars that are still with us today have been repainted, with many of them having damaged trim parts because of sanding.

Buster had to go to the time and expense of buying four different rust buckets that still had their original paint on them in order to get the best-quality replacement trim that he could find.

He then added some custom touches of his own by spraying the car in a deep, rich blue hue that he custom-mixed from some Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler factory colors. Once the basecoat/clearcoat combination was wet-sanded and buffed, Buster added some subtle touches of his own, with a black vinyl top, solid red taillights, and a set of Camaro SS hood louvers.

"A lot of people still don't know what this car really is," Buster said with a laugh. "Then I have others who tell me about all of the memories it brings back. One of my favorites is when someone told me that the trunk is big enough for them to put six kids in it so they could all go to the drive-in movies. It seems to bring back a lot of good memories for different people."

As a versatile performer on the street, road course, or dragstrip, Buster's '67 Impala SS proves that classic heavyweights like these are still more than relevant in terms of today's performance. Long live the land yachts!




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