LSR Performance's 2010 Chevrolet Camaro - No, It’s Not Bumble Bee, Dammit!

LSR Performance threw its catalog at a yellow fifth-gen Camaro; we threw it around the track, street and strip. Here’s what we discovered.

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At the strip, the Camaro was a wonderful beast. On street tires, you have to be able to walk the car out of the hole and this was made difficult by the clutch. It was tricky to walk it out cleanly off the line. Had we a set of drag radials or cheater slicks and could have gotten more aggressive or just dumped the clutch, no doubt we could have shaved a few tenths off our e.t.'s. Still, we were consistently in the low 12.5s at 113, with a best of 12.40 at 112.95. Once you were out of the hole, low elapsed times were just a couple of powershifts away. The Tri-Ax shifter/Exedy combo really came into its own at this point. Bang-bang-bang--easy as pie. Your grandma could powershift this thing. Those are impressive results for so few engine/computer mods. A set of gears and drag radials and this could be a 12-oh daily driver that knocks down over 20 mpg on the highway.

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Every company is jumping on the tuner Camaro bandwagon these days, so it was nice for us to test a car that you can build yourself one step at a time as budget allows. Being horsepower junkies, we'd start with the cold-air kit and computer tune because, frankly, it takes power to move a 4,000-pound ponycar around with authority and our Dynojet and strip numbers prove they work. But we'd order the shifter at the same time because it's such an improvement over stock and you'll use it every time you drive your car. The exhaust sounds great, but at close to $1,400 it's not for the budget-conscious.

After that, it's up to you because we found that everything worked well together. This is a suspension that you can enjoy on your commute or a date and hit the autocross/open track events with on weekends.

LSR Performance Camaro

Options & Pricing
Cold-air induction*$429.95
SC XCalibrator 3 flash tuner$389.95
Tri-Ax short-throw shifter$139-$169
Kooks exhaust System$1,333.85
LSR sway-bar kit (front and rear)$349.95
LSR oil & radiator caps$44.95 (each)
Eibach springs$249.95
LSR CNC billet trailing arms$259.95
LSR CNC billet toe links$189.95
LSR billet floor-pan brace$99.95-$109.95
LSR billet subframe brace$59.95
LSR strut nut covers$59.95
BBS wheels (f/r)$575/600
Nitto Invo tires (f/r)$269/299
Exedy Multi-Disc Clutch$1,995


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