1962 Chevrolet Bel Air - Bespoke Bel Air

With nearly half of its items custom-made, this bubbletop has the two-toned twisted testosterone to take home the trophies.

Isaac Mion Jun 9, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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The list of "scratch-built" items extends to the hood and under it. The hood, both the outer skin and the inner structure, is custom, as are the motor mounts and the entire floor panùnot to mention the exhaust, the motor mounts and the entire dash. Denny John of D&D specialty installed that and the custom leather that enshrouds the rest of the cabin. The rollcage is discretely hidden there, and you wouldn't even guess that it connects to an entire tube frame chassis.

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An entire feature could be done on the chassis alone. "This car took 12,000 man hours and two and a half years to build," said Dennis.

Needless to say, a lot of those man-hours went into this piece of metal and the ability to have it nearly completely enclosed within the Bel Air's body (although it does peek out at you from the fender if you need proof it's really in there). Way to go, Ryan Butler and crew.

But the cage isn't in there for show. The power from the bored and stroked/balanced and blueprinted 482-inch W-engine would no doubt bend and break the body of a stock Bel Air. Of course, the bay surrounding the motor and the one-off Algon intake manifold is as smooth as the power delivery from this fully built motor.

Ride Tech components bring the ride height down to ridiculous levels over the Colorado Custom wheels. Just like all cars with big motors need to come to come to a halt, so do the articles about them. Baer 13-inch brakes do the former while a closing paragraph usually does the latter.

With its diabolical stance, massive motor and a cage that could be in the Guggenheim and all of it covered with a Maserati Red and Mustang White two-tone paint, Dennis has not only expanded the bubble, he may have burst it.




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