Stevenson Motorsports 2010 Chevrolet Camaro - Glory Days Return

Memories of Roger Penske’s Trans-Am Camaros Roared to Life Again in ’10

Rod Short May 24, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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While 2010 produced two pole positions and podium finishes for the two-car effort, it was a somewhat frustrating season for this championship-caliber team as much of the year was spent sorting out an entirely new racing platform. On the other hand, it provided much needed data about gearing, tuning, and suspension for what is an essentially stock production car that will give the team what it needs for a more successful campaign this year.

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"In the Continental series, we are returning with a one-car effort after spending the ’10 season as a development year," said John Stevenson, owner of the team. "I am glad to have Matt Bell returning to GS. Matt said after testing at Homestead driving this Camaro GS car was like driving a different car than last year. John Edwards will be joining Matt as co-driver in the GS Camaro. I welcome John to our team as he is a professional in every way and will complement our organization."

"Last year we learned so much running two cars in GS," Johnson added, "but going to one is going to give us the best chance for a championship. GM has really come on board to make the Camaro GS.R a championship contender and with everything we learned last year, we are going to be in great shape."

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While the Sunoco livery will be gone this year, look for Stevenson Motorsports to start making some new legends of their own.




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