1969 Camaro - The Double Deuce

For his 22nd first-gen Camaro, Michael Manning left no part or system untouched

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The paint is a metallic titanium off the late-model Chrysler color pallet. Again, it works well with the overall stealth/no-bling theme. All the bodywork and paint was done by Michael Neighbors at Detroit Speed. For the most part, the exterior appears stock, but there are subtle upgrades. The door handles have a brushed finish and the front and rear bumpers have been sectioned and narrowed to tuck tighly into the body. The color of the brake calipers matches the valve cover. Turn signal lights on the front quarters. It just goes on and on.

Since its completion, Michael has been enjoying the heck out of it on road courses, autocross courses, and on the street. He’s definitely not afraid to take it out for a spin. It’s everything he wanted in his latest first-gen. Which brings up a point: What’s car number 23 going to be like?




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