'66 Chevelle - The Bruiser

It took a whole village to build John Martell's Pro Street '66 Chevelle.

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Even though the car was already wearing the white and black paintjob (John later found out Dan Chester sprayed the car for the previous owner), the new engine just wouldn't fit under the cowl hood. So John and Byron White of Byron's Garage added a snorkel to the Harwood glass hood. Says the owner, "This hood took Byron and myself five weeks to cut, trim, and add on the scoop. Most of the time was spent finishing off the bottom so it was as nice as the top before Byron sprayed some matching paint."

Now that the car was done, John took it out for a few shake down runs before heading to the track to see what it would do. The engine propelled the car to 10-flat in the quarter. With only about 300 miles on the motor John took it to the Pinks race at Firebird raceway to see if he could go faster than this Sad to say, at the big end on his very first test pass, the motor spit out a rod and even snapped the cam in half. While that carnage did end John's dreams of winning Pinks that weekend, it didn't kill his aspirations and drive. John is already building a bigger 632ci powerplant that will have 14.1 compression and live on a diet of race fuel.

This is so much more that just a car to John and his friends and family; it's a good memory machine. Speaking of friends John wanted us to specifically thank everyone who helped build his bruiser and here they are in no particular order: his kids Joshua, Haylie and Matthew, his buddy Fred who wired the car, Dan who did the body and paint, Bryan who did the hood, and Robert and Todd who were always there to lend a hand.




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