Hotchkis 1968 Chevrolet Camaro - A Helping Of Handling

The Hotchkis '68 Camaro.

Patrick Hill Mar 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Driver's Impression-On The Street
Of all the cars I drove at the Super Chevy/Nitto Suspension & Handling Challenge, the Hotchkis Camaro felt the most like it came from an OE manufacturer. It was like someone put a '68 Rally Sport in a time machine and this is what came back. The controls, the steering, the brakes, and the handling all seemed ultra modern, but whipped up in the timeless wrapper that is the first-gen F-body.

Sucp_1103_06_o 1968_chevrolet_camaro Driver_side 2/10

Just climbing in put a smile on my face. The stock-style three-spoke wheel with a fat wrap felt perfect in my hands. The Sparco seats were comfortable and supportive. The Hurst-actuated T56 shifted better than that of our '10 SS bogey car. Credit to the LS7 clutch/LS2 flywheel combo, which was simply sublime. I noticed none of the problems with the brakes that Mary encountered; perhaps this was something that cropped up at the end of the day or only under extreme conditions.

The blown LS1 fired up instantly and was vice-free. The steering had the best feel. There was no lash and the ratio was neither too fast nor too slow. Then there was the ride. It could get a little bouncey in some instances, but overall the ride quality was superb and not at all objectionable. This was a very well-mannered and obviously well-sorted street machine. You felt like you could jump in and drive it anywhere with complete confidence and comfort.

Sucp_1103_07_o 1968_chevrolet_camaro Passenger_side_rear 3/10

It annihilated the '10 Camaro in every measurable performance category and was the quickest car of the day through the autocross course. Based on the simplicity of the suspension parts used, how could you go wrong?-Jim Campisano

The Hotchkis '68 Camaro

Sucp_1103_08_o 1968_chevrolet_camaro Interior 4/10

Type: LS1 - stock displacement (347 cid/5.7L)
Block: Stock GM aluminum
Fuel Delivery: Rick's fuel tank with Vaporworx fuel pump module

Transmission: Tremec T56 six-speed
Clutch: Stock LS7
Rear End: GM 12-bolt, 3.73 gears with Eaton Positraction

Chassis & Suspension
Chassis: Stock Camaro subframes front and rear

Suspension: Hotchkis TVS tubular control arms
Steering: Saginaw 600 steering box w/phosphorus-bronze bushed pitman arm, Hotchkis tie-rod adjusters
Springs: Hotchkis
Spindles: Stock
Shocks: Bilstein (Hotchkis valved)
Sway Bar: Hotchkis 1 1/8-inch diameter hollow
Brakes: C4 Corvette calipers with 13-inch rotors

Suspension: Hotchkis
Springs: Hotchkis multi-leaf with Hotchkis hangers and shackles
Shocks: Bilstein (Hotchkis valved)
Sway Bar: Hotchkis TVS
Brakes: Fourth-gen Camaro calipers with 12-inch rotors

Sucp_1103_09_o 1968_chevrolet_camaro Driver_side_front 5/10

Wheels & Tires
Wheels: Vintage Wheel Works V45, 17x9.5 front and rear
Tires: Nitto NT05 P275/40ZR17 front and rear

Cost of chassis/suspension:

Total = 3,595 lbs
LF = 948 lbs RF = 981 lbs
LR = 835 lbs RR = 813 lbs

Front/Rear Balance Percentage
F = 53.7%

'68 Camaro '10 Camaro SS
Skidpad: 0.94g 0.91g
Slalom: 49.30 mph 47.70 mph
Autocross: 52.20 sec. 53.28 sec.


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