Super Chevy's 2010 Holiday Buyer's Guide - Happy Holidays!

Hot New Products For This Holiday Season!

Classic Industries
Bring back the glory days with this period-correct factory accessory from Classic Industries. These OEM-style reproduction rubber floor mats were originally available as an optional accessory on a variety of '58-up Chevrolet models. Each mat features an embossed Bow Tie logo. Available for Chevrolet fullsize models, Chevelle, Monte-Carlo, and Chevy trucks under PN FP720 ('58-81; two-piece set; $109.95) and PN FP730 ('58-81; four-piece set; $139.95). Camaro, Corvair, Chevy II/Nova mats are under PN B73 ('62-74; four-piece set; $119.95).

(866) 586-1624 •

Classic Automobilia
The '55 Classic pedal car has an all-steel construction with child-safe enamel paint, chrome windshield, steering wheel, and hubcaps. It is 37 inches long, 17 inches wide, 19 inches high, and recommended for children between 3 and 6 years of age. With a padded dark-brown seat, solid rubber tires, and five-position pedals, the '55 Classic pedal car is a perfect gift for a little cruiser or a great addition to a nostalgia room. It is available in red and beige, pink and white, or aqua and white. The '55 Classic pedal car is $259 with free shipping in the continental United States for the holidays.

(800) 676-3026 •

Specialty Auto Parts USA
A dragstrip launch pad in your pocket. Give the hottest gift this Holiday season and save a few bucks over competitive products costing nearly twice as much with the Perfect Launch handheld reaction timer. This precision timer features a remote thumb trigger, .4 and .5 second Pro and Full trees, plus an adjustable delay box, bump down, and rollout. Comes with a 9V battery and shuts itself off automatically (no chute required) for longer battery life.

(877) 825-0257 •

Total Cost Involved Engineering
Introducing TCI Engineering's new Pro Touring '62-67 Nova bolt-on tubular IFS, built for strength and performance-about 66 pounds lighter than stock IFS. Two mounting points for upper arms for Pro Touring and standard street/drag. Built with anti-dive control-keeps tires flat when braking. Raised crossmember provides increased ground clearance while keeping ride height. Engine mounts available for small- and big-blocks, and all LS engines.

(866) 925-1101 •




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