Super Chevy's 2010 Holiday Buyer's Guide - Happy Holidays!

Hot New Products For This Holiday Season!

Pace Performance
Stock your bench with this special Pace Pac Shop lube and sealer package. You save over $40 when priced individually. Kit includes a 3-ounce tube of GM Super Lube (PN 12371287), a 1-ounce tube Dielectric Silicone (PN 12345579), a 10-ounce tube white Lubriplate (PN LUB105), a 14.5-ounce tube Royal Purple Ultra Grease (PN RPM01312), a 4-ounce Royal Purple Penetrating Lube (PN RPM10035), a 1.69-ounce tube ARP assembly lube (PN ARP1009903), a 4-ounce can Gasgacinch (PN ED9300), a .20-ounce tube Threadlocker (PN 12345382), a 2.65-ounce tube gasket maker (PN 88861417), and a .20-ounce tube pipe sealer (PN PSS1034)-for $48.95.

(888) 522-8133 •

Dakota Digital
The brand-new VHX Series from Dakota Digital has become the new standard for modern instrumentation, with a traditional feel of analog needles. Offering fully backlit faces, solid state sensors for extreme accuracy, and a long list of features, these direct-fit instrument packages provide a tremendous upgrade to your stock dash opening.

(888) 200-9984 •

If your classic is a '55-57 Chevrolet, Danchuk is the one-stop shop where all your Chevy wants and needs can be realized. Danchuk manufactures the most parts for '55-57 Chevys in the United States. Besides all the original parts, Danchuk also retails thousands of aftermarket items from the biggest names in the industry. So not only can you restore to original glory, but you can customize to your heart's desire.

(800) 246-7033 •

Wheel Vintiques
Hot off the line is Wheel Vintiques new 18-inch Steel Rally. Yes, you heard right, an 18-inch Steel Rally. The 18-inch Rally is available in 7- and 8-inch widths with standard and custom backspaces. Wheel Vintiques also has many of the popular style caps from derby, police, disc brake, and even truck caps. Trim rings will be available soon. Get a set for your muscle car or pickup today.

(559) 251-6957 •




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