Super Chevy's 2010 Holiday Buyer's Guide - Happy Holidays!

Hot New Products For This Holiday Season!

Fükken Wax
What is Fükken Wax? Fükken Wax is a high-performance Euro-style cleaning wax in an aerosol can. It will not only clean and wax your vehicle, but also remove grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches, and tree sap-fast. Fükken Wax removes oxidation, restores faded paint, and works wonders on headlights. Fükken Wax cleans everything from your wheels to your dash. Email for more information.

(877) 385-5361 •

Nickey Chicago
Nickey Chicago is "The Original Supercar Headquarters." Reserve a position for a '11 fifth-generation Super Camaro today. Three stages are offered. From mild to wild, starting at 500 hp up to and over 1,000 hp, superchargers and twin-turbo packages are also available. Nickey is a leader and innovator regarding fifth-generation Super Camaros, from complete turnkey to all the special parts needed to build your very own. Why settle for an imitation when you can have an original?

(630) 377-1222 •

Classic Performance Products
CPP's new five-way adjusting tilt columns are designed for those who want great performance at affordable pricing. Columns are made from stainless steel tube in plain and chrome finishes, accept any '67-94 GM steering wheel or aftermarket adapter, and are available for automatic column shift and all floor shift applications in 30-, 32-, and 33-inch lengths. It's available for a wide range of applications for early Ford and Chevy cars and trucks.

(888) 522-8304 •

Improved Racing Products
Protect your LS engine from oil starvation with Improved Racing's track-proven, trapdoor oil pan baffles. These baffles help protect your engine from catastrophic failure due to oil starvation, a problem that plagues the GM LS-series small-block. Economical and easy to install, these 100 percent bolt-in baffles are currently available for the F-body, '10 Camaro, and Pontiac GTO, and are perfect for drag racing, road racing, drifting, autocross, off-roading, or even rock crawling. Prices start at just $199.

(407) 494-3278 •




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