Super Chevy's 2010 Holiday Buyer's Guide - Happy Holidays!

Hot New Products For This Holiday Season!

Thermo-Tec, Inc.
Exhaust Wrap Kits have everything needed for a complete, professional installation all-in-one package. Kits include Exhaust Insulating Wrap, Hi-Heating protective coating, and stainless steel snap straps, and are available in original and black. There are two sizes-one for the motorcycle and four-cylinders and a kit for six- to eight-cylinder engines. Benefits include reduced underhood temperatures, improved horsepower and torque, and added protection for sensitive parts.

(800) 274-8437 •

Anvil Auto, Inc.
Anvil Auto's aluminum fender braces are the lightest way to keep the sheetmetal rigid and in alignment. The fender braces are offered in two styles: carbon fiber and swedged aluminum. Triangulation is perfectly maintained and the rod ends are right- and left-hand threaded to allow adjustment to fit a wider tolerance range for use with aftermarket sheetmetal. Pricing starts at $98 per set and goes up to $125.

(888) 723-8882 •

Nitrous Outlet
Introducing Nitrous Outlet's vehicle specific nitrous systems for the '10 Camaro. You no longer have to worry about fabricating brackets, buying more fittings, longer hoses, or any of the other nightmares that come with a universal nitrous system. These systems are designed for your car and bolt in for a trouble-free installation.

(866) 648-7637 •

AEM Electronics
Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer? The AEM No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount is the perfect choice for any car enthusiast. The No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount enables users to mount an O2 sensor without having to weld a sensor bung onto the exhaust. Simply drill a hole in the exhaust, install the gasket, and bolt the clamp. It's that easy. Available in different sizes to match any exhaust from 1.75 to 3.5 inches.

(310) 484-2322 •




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