2010 Chevy RPO Camaros - RPO Series Camaro Track Thrash

Mr. Norm's Garage Teams Up With Kenne Bell To Produce Tire-Melting Tuner Camaros.


L78 Camaro Edition
Option Price: $18,999.00
Standard equipment includes the following:
Kenne Bell 2.8 Liter Liquid Cooled supercharger and air-to-water intercooler
Lowered suspension, enhanced sway bars and 4-wheel alignment
High performance Centerforce dual disc clutch assembly
Carbon fiber cowl induction-style hood with aircraft-grade Plexiglas window
Bumble Bee nose stripe
Custom leather interior with RPO Series L78
Edition embroidered logo
Custom carpet mats with RPO SERIES L78 Edition embroidered logo
RPO SERIES windshield banner
The options shown on the red test vehicle include the following:
RPO Series forged wheels: $3,599
Painted Hood: $1,300
Painted Rear Spoiler: $495

L72 Camaro Edition
Option Price: $39,999.00
The L72 Edition includes all of the L78 Edition features, plus the following:
Kenne Bell 3.6 Liter Liquid Cooled Supercharger and Air To Water Intercooler
Kenne Bell Mammoth Throttle Body
Larger Injectors
Kenne Bell Upgraded Fuel System
High Performance Drive Shaft
High Performance Half Shafts
Exhaust Headers
Cat-Back Dual Exhaust System
6.2L Engine Upgrade LS3 Stock Displacement Forged Long Block to include the following:
New LS3 block
New GM Forged Crank
Forged JE/SRP pistons 8.5:1 compression
Forged H beam con rod with ARP bolts
Clevite H series bearings
Oil pump
Timing set
Camaro Oil pan & p/u tube
LS3 camshaft
Head gaskets & bolts
Timing cover & seal
Rocker arms
GM pushrods
Rocker arm stands & bolts
L92/ LS3 Cyl heads
Upgraded SS in & ex valves
GMPP springs
Valve covers
Balancer pinned for blower
Rear Cover & seal
All block plugs, gaskets, seals & related hardware
The options shown on the silver test vehicle include the following:
RPO Series forged wheels: $3,599
Painted Hood: $1,300
Painted Rear Spoiler: $495
Cat-Back Dual Exhaust: $1,200


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