1962 Chevy Bel Air - False Proffitt

The Official 542HP Hayden Proffitt '62 409 Replica.

Doug Marion Sep 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

The '61's tail assembly was removed and a primo '62 from a parts car four-door was then installed. The car was then examined at the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles and given a 2010 ID number. Talk about a one of a kind! Sounds like it probably took years to build, eh? Nope-try four months!

Hayden was to be inducted into the U.S. Drag Racing Hall of Fame in Gainesville, Florida, in April 2009. Their "we gotta deal" handshake came in December 2008. Clay's Christmas present to Hayden was a guarantee that he'd have his '62 replica on hand for the Hall of Fame invocation, four-day tow included. Hayden thought not. No way, not a chance, he thought.

His lead man/builder was transplanted Chicago native Jose Hernandez, Clay's best kept secret. A transplant to Enid thanks to family and relatives, Hernandez is as talented a body, paint, and mechanic as there is-period. He spearheaded this ground-up total re-bop by telling Clay, "No problem Boss, just keep getting me the parts."

We can't begin to describe the entire buildup but suffice to say that Hernandez and others performed a miracle. If you think I'm blowing smoke, chew on this: Some Chevys look good from 20 feet away. You take your photos then leave. I spent two days inside and outside Clay's Hot Rod & Custom Shop and left with 648 photos taken with three professional digital cameras. So well done was the combined Hernandez/Clay's Hot Rods work, I made the mental decision to photograph virtually everything possible-much of it for future use.

1962 Chevy Bel Air - SPECIFICATIONS

Builder: Tony Shaffer, Day Automotive Independence, MO 816/461-7861
Displacement: 421
Compression Ratio: 11.00:1
Pistons: Diamond +0.060
Crankshaft: Stock steel
Connecting Rods: Eagle H-beam big-block
Camshaft: COMP Cams Street Roller
Block Casting Number: 068
Head Casting Number: 690
Valves: Manley stainless steel
Rocker Arms: COMP Cams Roller
Tubular Headers: Jerry Jardine
Clutch & Flywheel Assembly: Centerforce
Ignition: Tony Shaffer, Day Automotive
Carburetor Ram-Air Box: Progressive Metal Shaping, Oklahoma City, OK 405/619-9988

Transmission: Borg-Warner Super T-10
First Gear Ratio: 2.64:1
Builder: Wayne Transmissions, Richmond, MO
Shifter: Hurst Competition-Plus
Driveshaft: Factory two-piece
Differential: Original '62
Third Member: 4.56:1 Positraction
Front Coil Springs: Station wagon
Rear Coil Springs: Stock
Front Steel Wheels: 14x5
Rear Steel Wheels: 14x6

Lead Man: Jose Hernandez
Frame: Factory original "X" frame
Frame Prep: Bill White
Hood Lip Molding: NOS - Phil Reed
Headlight Bezels: NOS - Phil Reed Classic Motors 816/587-1109
Body Color: '62 Roman Red
Paint Brand: DuPont Basecoat-Clearcoat
Wiring Harness: American Autowire
Upholstery: Joe Poindexter, Ace Auto Fabric, Kansas City, MO
Carpets: C.A.R.S., Detroit
Rubber Weatherstrip: SoffSeal
Aluminum Dash Face: Harold's Hot rods
Gauges: Stewart-Warner 25/8-inch diameter
Hand-Painted Body Lettering: Manny's, Oklahoma City, OK, 405/412-8287


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