1967 Restomod Chevelle - Rick's Red Sled

Isaac Mion Jun 23, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The suspension also needed to be upgraded to handle the big ponies so they installed a complete Air Ride Technologies Strong-Arm suspension. "The entire system with A-arms and big roll bars bolted right up," said Lujan. He added that this is a great setup for aggressive driving and (of course) he can slam it at the shows-the best of both worlds.

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With the motor installed Lujan and his crew got to work spraying the exterior. Of course, somewhere along the line they managed to put in an interior that remains true to the Chevelle's roots. The interior is just slightly overshadowed by a naturally-aspirated motor that makes over 700hp.

"I think that it takes a lot more planning to make a powerful NA motor," said Geddes of the truculent engine. "You got your parts and you got Mother Nature and the rest you go to sort of figure out yourself. I know there are guys with turbos and superchargers making big power, but I'd have to say this is the most powerful street driven NA motor in Colorado Springs."


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