MacNeish Sets NHRA Record In Super Chevy Feature Car

Evan J. Smith May 12, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Super Chevy feature subject Jerry MacNeish (July 2010) set the NHRA D/Stock Eliminator record with his 1967 Z/28. Running at the NHRA Lucas Oil Divisional series race at Atco Raceway (Atco, New Jersey), MacNeish ran 10.45 at 126.221 mph (3,115-lb race weight) and then backed up the run with a 10.53 before tearing the engine down for the mandatory NHRA technical inspection, which includes removal of one cylinder head, amongst other things.

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"Conditions were not that great at Atco. It was 1,100 feet corrected altitude," MacNeish said, "but we were able to clock a 1.40 60-foot time that helped. We were only one of two cars to establish a record of the 20-or-so cars that made a record attempt during the event."

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The old D/S record was held at 10.53/125.95 by John Duzac in another '67 Z/28, and the feat came only weeks after MacNeish broke an engine at a previous event.

MacNeish, a well-known Camaro historian and author out of Maryland, has been campaigning the Z/28 since 2008 and it's been a drag car most of its life. In this class, "Stock" means just that. You must run stock, unported heads and intake, a factory carb and a stock-lift camshaft. The heads, intake and carb must all have the correct casting numbers. For this race, he was running a 302 built by Gary McGlasson, though he also runs a Bub Whitaker bullet. (You are allowed a .075-inch overbore, but must maintain the OE stroke.)

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You can read the entire story of MacNeish's amazing Z/28 in the July Super Chevy, which hits your local newsstand on May 25.




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