Turbocharged 1980 Camaro Z28 - Grand National Rival

Patrick Hill May 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

A WS6 sway bar and front springs were installed to beef up the suspension along with Koni 90/10 front shocks. Along with that, Daniel converted the car to manual brakes, installed subframe connectors for extra chassis stiffness, and installed Trans Am rear springs with 50/50 shocks. Controlling the car is a Trans Am steering box.

Sucp_1005_09 Turbocharged_1980_camaro_z28 Side_shot 2/11

The Camaro rolls on Weld Wheels with 15x6 up front and 15x8 on the rear, all four wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber. At the track Daniel switches to Goodyear 28x10 slicks for the rear. At the track, the Camaro is definitely a screamer. So far his best 60-foot time is a 1.73, and in the quarter the car has run a 9.96 at 146 mph. In the eighth-mile, the Camaro posted a 6.60 at 115 mph, all on 17.3 psi of boost.

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