Twin Turbo 1966 Chevy Chevelle Buildup - Beastly Beauty

Patrick Hill May 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

With everything buttoned up, it was time to see what the twin turbo animal would do, so Tim drove to the local chassis dyno and had the car strapped down. The first run was done with the boost set at low level, and the Chevelle cranked out 668 ponies at the wheels. For the next run, Tim flipped the switch and let the turbos spool up for about 18 psi of boost. This registered an earth moving 831 horses at the rear wheels on the dyno, which was enough to tell everyone this '66 A-body was an animal, and put a proud smile on its owner's face.

Sucp_1005_08 1966_twin_turbo_chevy_chevelle_buildup Engine 2/11

On the street, Tim admits the car can be a handful, but enjoys every second of it, with a case of perma-grin every time he gets behind the wheel. More than a few would-be street racers have rolled up next to the Chevelle looking for action, including a few new Corvettes, only to be sent packing by the car's twin-turbo small-block.

Sucp_1005_09 1966_twin_turbo_chevy_chevelle_buildup Wheels 3/11

Another colorful tale Tim has is when he downshifted the car from fourth to third at 50 mph and broke the tires loose, then on the upshift back to fourth broke them loose again at over 100 mph.

Sucp_1005_10 1966_twin_turbo_chevy_chevelle_buildup Interior 4/11


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