1963 Chevy Nova Ragtop - Homebuilt Hero

Deacon Markey And His Dad Built This Stunning '63 Nova In A Home Garage.

Patrick Hill Apr 4, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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For the interior, luck would drop a very interesting gift into their laps. A month or two after purchasing the car, Deacon and Richard were at a large swap meet and spied a pair of Recaro buckets for sale. They were being sold by a company that dealt with GM interiors. While looking at the seats, a matching rear seat that would fit the Nova was spied, and the whole package was purchased. According to Deacon, the seats had come out of a Pontiac concept car and were never used. A custom fiberglass center console was built and painted to match, and a set of Speed Hut Revolution gauges were installed to keep tabs on the LS1 and let the driver know how bad the next speeding ticket would be. Jim's Upholstery took care of installing a fresh convertible top.

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Once finished, both Deacon knew his car could never be a daily driver-it was just too nice. So, instead the car gets driven regularly on weekends, for pleasure cruises, and to car shows where it never leaves the watchful eyes of father or son.

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Through the build, many people helped out with build, including Frank Moe, who volunteered his lathe and milling machine for parts fabrication, Mark Ogden, who helped a ton with a lot of the fabrication and design of the custom parts on the car, and Wes Neely who sprayed the Nova's fantastic paint.

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