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2010 Synergy Camaro Spotted on Dealer Lot

Patrick Hill Apr 29, 2010

While on our way to lunch last Friday, Don Campisano and I couldn't help but spot a new 2010 Synergy Camaro sitting high on a dealership pedestal, glistening in the Florida sun. At the time I was without my camera, but once we got back I quickly hustled down the street to snap a few pics of the first one we've seen outside an auto show.

Sucp_1003w_01 2010_camaro_synergy_green_package 2/11

The color looks great indoors under artificial lights, but when it gets a chance to bask in the sun, the Synergy Green paint really comes alive. Accented with the Cyber Gray rally stripes, this is one of the sharpest looking 2010 Camaros to be seen from the factory. The only disappointing thing abotu the car was that it came with the V-6/automatic package drivetrain. The sticker price had this one at $28,620.00 before taxes and tag fees.

Sucp_1003w_04 2010_camaro_synergy_green_package 3/11

Looking through the window (we couldn't snag someone to unlock the car for us) the green accents on the interior to add a nice visual cue to the Camaro's otherwise monotonous interior. The Cyber Gray stripes match up perfectly with the Synergy Green paint, and in the sun the metallic really gives it a deep, rich tone.

Sucp_1003w_05 2010_camaro_synergy_green_package 6/11

While on the dealership lot, I looked around at the other Camaros waiting to be bought/picked up, and was disappointed by the lack of manual transmission equipped cars. Out of three SS models I saw, only one had a do-it-yourself shifting trans. Another thing I noticed was that all the Camaros on the lot had the same factory five spoke 20-inch aluminum wheels. Honestly, it seemed to take away form the cars and made them blend in together too much. We really hope for 2011 that GM/Chevrolet will put out some better aluminum wheel designs and variety for the car outside of the five spoke design, and add a bright center cap to the base steel wheel. We'd also like to see a 19-inch wheel options for SS buyers who don't want the massive 20-inch units.

Sucp_1003w_06 2010_camaro_synergy_green_package 7/11



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