Edelbrock 1967 Chevy Chevelle - Father & Son Track Attack

Edelbrock '67 Chevelle.

Patrick Hill Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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It was cool that I could push the Chevelle pretty hard. There was a hint of understeer leading up to the end sweeper but this was managed by slowing my corner entry speed. I was impressed with the power on corner exit and how well the car reacted to throttle application. On my first run, I got too deep into the entry for the sweeper, turned in, requested brakes, and ruh roh!!! Serious axle hop started ... and the axle chattered away for about five seconds. Got the Chevelle slowed back down, the rear axle got happy again, and we merrily continued over the hump leaving the sweeper in our wake. Note to self: Get slowed down sooner, brake in a straight line, and don't insult the car!

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Like others, the Chevelle liked to play "throw and catch" for the final fast section of the course and was easy to position most any place you wanted. Looking ahead was mandatory and my butt-dyno talked me through the tight sections of the course. This is a very fun and easy car to drive quickly. Driven respectfully, I never felt like the car could even approach recalcitrant handling that could get someone in trouble. - Mary Pozzi

Driver's Impression - On the Street
The Edelbrock Chevelle was another car in this evaluation that impressed me because it had simple, bolt-on parts that any enthusiast could install. Yet these same parts transformed the machine from an old-school automobile to a first-class, modern driver. Did it exhibit a little more body roll than some of the others? Yes, but the trade-off was an extremely pleasant, comfortable ride. That's a compromise I think most enthusiasts would be happy to make, especially those who live in parts of the country where snow, salt trucks and plows have made a mockery of the once-smooth pavement.

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Other likes? The logical gauge placement, three-spoke steering wheel and the tilt column made for a nice driving environment, though you sit a little high in the stock seats for my taste. Stout brakes, too. On the downside, the steering was numb on center (though the car had a nice, tight turning radius). The Centerforce clutch had a nice, firm pedal and worked beautifully with the Tremec TKO 600 five-speed, but in a car like this you need a longer shifter. Either that or I need longer arms.

Overall, I enjoyed my time in the Edelbrock Chevelle. It was just a hot rod done right, a dual purpose machine that you could drive anywhere, but one where you'd go an extra 10 miles out of your way to and from work if it meant you could exercise it on a curvy back-country road.-Jim Campisano

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