1967 Chevy Nova Corner Carver - Mustang-Munching, Canyon-Carver

Classic Performance Products '67 Nova.

Patrick Hill Jan 2, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Handling the crossover also posed no issues, but on the fast return left-right-left element leading into the finish, there was a bit of push on corner entry. Trail-braking in my subsequent runs easily solved this and again, the Nova came around and got through the gates quickly. This car begs to be driven quickly and appeared to like its job. I was able to play "throw and catch," which was quite fun and still produces giggles as I write this three days later. Anyone that discounts a stock subframe, leaf spring suspension hasn't been introduced to this car!

My overall impression was that the CPP Nova is excellent. It's uncomplicated, easy to drive and performs great. What I really liked was that all the parts meshed well ... power, suspension, steering, and brakes all worked together creating a predictable platform. Aside from the steering column, don't change a thing! - Mary Pozzi

Driver's Impression - On the Street

When I first looked at CPP's Nova, I had the feeling it would be none too competitive. Compared to the other nine cars entered, it appeared to be sitting on its tippy toes. Of course, you have to remember that low doesn't automatically equate to stellar handling and too low can be as much a detriment as too high. The recovered bench seat didn't inspire confidence, either. Well, I'm here to report my concerns were unfounded. The Nova from Classic Performance Products was expertly dialed in and delivered a very satisfying driving experience.

The overall ride was not as jittery or nervous as some of the other cars, but the suspension was still a little bumpy. The rear springs seemed very stiff. The steering had a slight dead-spot on-center, and was very quick after that, which definitely took some getting used. The Nova uses a center take-off rack from an '89-94 Cavalier.

Compared to some of the high-dollar machines we drove on this day, the CPP Nova definitely ranks high on the bang-for-the-buck scale. The parts employed made for a very enjoyable street car.

What shocked me was how well they all worked in the timed portion of our event. Its 47.70-second time through the autocross was right in the neighborhood of the first few runs Mary made in the '10 Camaro, and it blew the new F-body away in the slalom. Can't argue with that, especially considering the Nova's econo-car roots.-Jim Campisano

CPP '67 Nova Specs
Type: Gen I 383 small- block
Block: stock GM
Fuel Delivery: Holley stock mechanical, Holley 4150 750 cfm carburetor

Transmission: TH350 automatic
Torque Converter: Continental, 2,800 stall speed
Rearend: 9-inch Currie rear, 3.70 gears, Detroit Locker posi-traction system

Chassis Suspension
Steering: Custom made rack-and-pinion steering system
Front Suspension: CPP
Spindles: CPP
Front Shocks: QA1
Front Sway bar: CPP
Rear Suspension: CPP multi-leaf
Rear Shocks: CE adjustable
Rear Sway bar: CPP
Front Brakes: CPP 13-inch Big Brake Kit
Rear Brakes: Factory rear discs

Wheels & Tires
Wheels: Vintage Wheel Works-17x7 front/17x8 rear
Tires: Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec, 215/45R17 (f), 245/45R17 (rear)




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