1967 Chevy Camaro - Second Time Around

Ron Casadei Let His '67 Z/28 Get Away Once, And Swears Never To Let It Happen Again.

Dan Ryder Oct 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

A phone call to the car's owner disappointed Ron, as the '67 wasn't for sale, and the owner had no interest in selling. For four years he stayed in touch, and finally the owner gave in and decided to sell Ron back his old Z/28. After a price was reached, Ron flew down to Texas to look at his old car. At first sight it was like travelling back to 1987, the car hadn't changed a bit. Ron had wanted the car back for a long time because of all the good memories he had owning the Z/28, including the year-long restoration with his good friend, Randy Kurachik, in 1983-'84.

Five days later the car was back at Ron's home in New Jersey, where a full and more correct restoration began. All the GM sheetmetal installed back in 1983 was still good, so most of the work was in disassembly, cleaning, locating correct parts, and repainting. Ron bought a correct date coded carburetor, clutch fan, exhaust manifolds, along with new interior carpet and door panels. Al Meschie Auto Body re-sprayed the car in the correct Ermine White, and topped it off with a new vinyl top and fresh Z/28 stripes. After that, Albert Galdi at Central Jersey Musclecar installed the new interior.

The car's DZ 302 was treated to a full rebuild back to factory specs, including a 30/30 solid lifter cam, high volume oil pump, new valves, guides, and valvesprings. The factory M-21 was rebuilt, along with the 12-bolt rear. Everything on the car was put back to factory spec, except the rollbar. Ron still had it, and for nostalgia's sake he had the bar powdercoated black, then bolted it right back into the interior, to much grumbling from Z/28 purists. During the restoration, the car's date codes were examined, and determined that the Z/28 was built in the Norwood, Ohio, Camaro plant the second week of March 1967, and could possibly be one of the first 40 Z/28s ever built.

Since finishing the restoration, Ron has enjoyed every minute with the '67. One of the things he enjoys most is going to car shows and being around fellow enthusiasts who enjoy the hobby as much as himself. With so many memories since he first bought it in 1983, Ron vows the Z/28 will never get away from him again.




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