First 2010 Nickey Camaro Hits the Streets

Sucp_0908w_01_z 2010_nickey_camaro_debut 2/6

It's ALIVE!!! First NicKey 427 installed!

Deja Vu, History once again, repeats itself. Just like "BACK IN THE DAY" NicKey Chicago is the first to shoehorn a naturally aspirated 427ci engine into a new model Camaro and get it on the streets of America!

Sucp_0908w_02_z 2010_nickey_camaro_debut 3/6

Engine builder extraordinar, Wegner Motorsports used only the best components as well as 40 years of engine building experience to make this engine combination a reality. Many of the components have been developed and tested just for this Nickey exclusive package.

This is one bad ass 427. It pulls hard all the way to 707 hp @ 6,800 rpm and 695 lb-ft of torque @ 5,600 rpm, measured at the flywheel, using premium pump gas along with NASCAR reliability.




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