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1969 Chevrolet Camaro - The Car That Changed Everything

Celebrating 40 Years Of The Most Iconic Camaro Ever.

Doug Marion Aug 1, 2009
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For sure, the '69 Camaro has had a marvelous tenure during its first 40 years. From a much-storied and ballyhooed history to reaching number one on enthusiasts' popularity charts, to say that everything has already been written would, for the most part, be true. Pick a topic, class, or competition and its cumulative total ranks numero uno-and has for decades. Consider much of this story as a springboard to its 50th anniversary 10 years down the road.

We personally best remember it setting the record for the most options ever offered. As a result, for the last 39 years we have quietly enjoyed eyeballing every '69 Camaro we came across to see what factory options it had. This still holds true today.

Another amazing accomplishment that has taken place over the last four decades is what individual owners have done with theirs. Without a doubt it is one of the most highly modified Chevrolets on record. But on the other hand, it is also one of the most restored Chevys ever. Truly something for everyone. Try RPO Z22 Rally Sport, Z27 Super Sport, Z28 Special Performance Package, the Z10 hardtop, Z11 Pace Car, COPO 9560 ZL1 427 aluminum race engine, COPO 9561 L72 450 hp special high performance and the torrid RPO L78 375 hp 396 engine. Want aluminum heads for your L78? A total of 311 did and ordered RPO L89.

In all, there were no fewer than 98 regular production options offered, plus 18 body colors and six optional exterior two-tones. The '69 Camaro could be ordered with complete owner individuality-and it was.

From day one, they were modified for both higher performance and owner-initiated style and they still are today. Such modifications have never been thought of as taboo, either, like on some other models. When aftermarket specialty firms decided a few years back to reconfigure complete bodies, fenders, hoods and more, the first one conceived was a '69 Camaro.

Has the '69 Camaro come full circle? We'd say so. Happy 40th. Hope to see you at the 50th.



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