2010 Camaro SS - First Drive! 2010 Camaro

We Finally Get Behind The Wheel Of The Latest--And Best--Camaro Ever.

Sucp_0907_15_z 2010_camaro_ss Ss_emblem_and_tail_light 2/20

If you are so inclined, you can order either the 3.6 or the 6.2 V-8 with tap shifts. Just pull the gear selector all the way down and hit the buttons located on the back of the steering wheel--right side for upshifting, left side for down. Oddly, there are faux paddles behind the wheel that you'd think were for shifting. They are just to let you know where the tap shift buttons are and which is up and which is down.

Like the SS, the base car has a solid foundation. If you were blindfolded and didn't know any better, the ride would suggest you were in a much more expensive automobile. It swallows up bumps, potholes and uneven pavement like no F-car before ever had the right. At just under $23,000 (base price), Chevy is going to steal a ton of V-6 Mustang sales from Ford.

We should have one for instrumented testing by next issue. Let the games begin.




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