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Driver's Impression - On The StreetI'm a sucker for good steering. I hate over-assisted boxes, twitchy steering, and I have little tolerance for slow, indirect steering. That made me appreciate The Roadster Shop Chevelle's steering feel right away. The more I drove it, the better I liked it. It was neither too light, nor too heavy, and it pointed the car right where you wanted it.

Cruising the streets around El Toro, I came to appreciate the well-sorted combo of Eibach springs and Penske shocks. The ride was sports-car firm, but not jittery or harsh. Despite the low stance, the railroad track crossing along our route failed to knock out any fillings. I'd rate the ride/handling combo better than average for the group of cars tested.

Other pluses: Sweet-shifting T56 gearbox, Zoom aluminum flywheel and clutch, Cobra seats, pedal layout and tilt steering column, all excellent. Minuses? Without carpeting, side glass or a backseat, the tailpipe-less exhaust system created quite a din inside. As for the color, well, make mine red-Jim Campisano


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