1966 Chevrolet 396 Luxury Caprice - Double Crush

Roger Willard's Multi-Talented '66 396 Caprice Is All About High Speed In High Style.

Tom Shaw May 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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While it was down for paint, Roger took the opportunity to freshen up the motor, transmission and brakes. By winter 2005, the refurb was complete. The next spring, Roger was set to debut his find.

One of the places he went was the Pure Stock Drags. On the scales, the luxury Caprice was definitely a heavyweight, weighing in at a very well- fed 4,250 pounds. But that didn't stop it from making a fine showing. At the 2006 event, Roger cracked the 14-second barrier and recorded a low e.t. of 13.953 at 99.34--phenomenal for such a heavy car with only 325hp, and launching on repro bias ply tires.

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"It won't attract people like a red SS Impala," Roger has learned from experience, "but people who are car fanatics are just in awe." Count us in with that last bunch.

"It's a pretty low-option car really," says Roger. "Tinted windshield, but no electric windows or air conditioning."

When you're low on options, but still look like you're dressed for a night on the town, you're doing something right. And when you can dust most original muscle cars with a sub-14 second blast, and do it dressed to the nines, you're ready for double duty.


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