1969 Yenko Camaro - Marching On

Jim Barber And Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists Resurrect A Muscle Car Icon-And We Test It.

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So with the car being what Jim bills as a brand-new Yenko Camaro, how does it stack up against an original? "I had three gentlemen, Larry Christiansen, Jerry MacNeish, and Tom Clary of yenkos.net review the car, and there were only three things wrong," Jim says. "One, the car is equipped with a comfort-grip steering wheel, which I liked more than the black steering wheel the original run of cars came with-that difference I knew about. The others were the brake master cylinder not having the correct bleeder ports, and the fact that the X44 cars didn't come with the vertical chrome taillights, both of which were unknown to me. When I built this car, neither of the correct parts were available, but they are now. Also, according to Jerry, the wheels are a little early for the time I was aiming this car towards. I had to call Chris Coddington of Coddington Wheels, who brought back the T-70 casting."

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At Bradenton Motorsports Park, we ripped through some mid-13-second passes, but the car didn't feel quite up to par. It didn't feel like we were getting full throttle. The best we could muster was a pair of 13.63s, one at 101.55, the other at 102.27 mph (on Mickey Thompson ET Streets). Barber says that since our test, the car was fixed and has gone 11.90s at 120 mph on the same tires. The cure? Fixing the throttle pedal alignment inside the car so there was no interference. This allowed us to achieve WOT. Jim's crew also did some tuning and added jet extensions to the Holley.

To get a brand-new '69 Yenko Camaro, all it takes is a phone call and $139,500. "As of now, we have sold several, and have a Daytona Yellow car with black stripes, another Hugger Orange car with white stripes, and a Fathom Green car with white stripes in the build stages."

Who says you can't go back in time?




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