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Silver Lining - A Restomod C1 Corvette That Blends Classic Style with Modern Feel

Frank H. Cicerale Feb 2, 2009
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Corvette. No other American car needs any other introduction besides its name other than the fabled plastic fantastic. Whether it's a '53 or an '08 ZR1, the Corvette has a following all its own. Furthermore, the Vette has its own unique styling, from the design of the mid-years to the ultra-cool hidden headlight Vettes. As unique as each body style is so are the reasons why people love them. Just ask Gerald Copeland, who couldn't wait to pick up his dream car, that being a '62 Corvette.

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"I always liked the looks of the '62 Corvette, and had wanted one for years," Gerald explains. "I like modern back end with the older front end. It's a clean look, and was the last year of the bodystyle, so it looks the best in my opinion."

Having looked for a '62 to rebuild and update for years, Gerald finally found his specimen and began a resto-mod project of epic proportions. While most in the Corvette community would balk at not restoring a car of this caliber to full-stock specs, Gerald didn't think twice about not doing so. "I wanted to create an updated version of this car," he says. "I love the vintage look, but wanted an updated suspension and running gear."

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After driving the car home, a scary thing according to Gerald with the original brakes and steering, he set about transforming the Vette into his version of the American sports car. He started by yanking the body off of the frame and having it walnut blasted, stripping off all paint and primer. With the body off the car, it was the perfect time to start working on the mechanical portion of the vehicle. Gerald started with the powerplant, GM Performance Parts ZZ4 crate engine. The 350 cubic-inch, 350 horsepower small-block showcases a hydraulic roller and cam specs of 208/211 degrees of intake and exhaust duration, and .474- and .510-inch valve lift, aluminum heads, and a Barry Grant Six-Shooter setup. Featuring three 250-cfm two-barrel carbs, Gerald tweaked the trio just a bit for some added power and drivability. Lighting the fire in the ZZ4 is an MSD Pro Billet ignition. The spent fumes are funneled out via Hedman 1 3/4-inch ceramic-coated block hugger headers and a custom 2



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