Chevy Big Block Powered Chevelle - The Gift That Keeps Giving

This Chevelle Represents A Lifelong Dream Come True

Isaac Mion Jan 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

While John Dwyer is the owner of this pristine Chevelle and a car guy in his own right, Jenkins may be one of the most hardcore "petrol heads" we've ever come across, having owned five cars before he could even drive, and 15 before he left high school, with his tires smoking and his finger in the air, no doubt.

His company, Doug Jenkins Hot Rods, was started years later and has been pumping out custom cars like clockwork ever since. It was around a year ago that he hooked up with John and they got this project off the ground thanks to a childhood inspiration. See, one thing we didn't mention before is that when John was a lad of around 10, he had to survive in a pretty rough neighborhood until his mom remarried and moved to a more decent area. It was a big moment when he got to a decent place and a new Marina Blue '66 Chevelle SS sat gleaming in the neighbor's driveway. This was the life. And the Chevelle became the car of his dreams. He had three square meals a day and nobody looking to break his face.

You could say that the ribbon became a symbol of hope and prosperity for him. This gift from his family surely remains a beacon of hope to this day, even if it has been rebadged with the proper numbers for the massive motor.




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