Buy The Berger 69 Camaro Racecar...Sort of (WEB EXCLUSIVE)

Jim Campisano Oct 24, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Out of all the dealerships famous for its monster musclecars during the swingin' '60s, the only Chevy dealership still open for business is Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Given the fact that the first supercar era ended roughly 37 model years ago, perhaps this isn't so surprising. But Berger is still plugging away. Unlike Baldwin Chevrolet in New York and Yenko Chevrolet in Pennsylvania, which were known for their turn-key uber Bow Ties, Berger was more known back then for its high-performance parts business and robust sales of factory muscle like the COPO Camaros.

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Now GMP Diecast in Winder, Georgia, has introduced a beautiful 1/18th scale model of the Berger '69 427 Camaro SS that was raced by Dick Arons and Gordy Foust in Super Stock/E. This car, according to Brian Henderson of Supercar Workshop in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (which restored the actual race car), the car was campaigned for just about a year or so, when it was returned to the dealership and sold. Its high point in competition was when Foust drove it to victory at the NHRA 1969 Springnationals in Dallas, Texas.

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Typical of all GMP products, the fit and finish is top-shelf. It has a highly-detailed engine compartment and the interior certainly looks the part. Underneath, the long-tube headers flow into bullet-style mufflers with no tailpipes. The vintage Cragar mags look look the part.

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What's not quite right are the flared-out fenders and trunk-mounted fuel cell, indicating that this model was done using existing tooling for a road-race car. Still, for fans of this car it is definitely worth the $134 investment. To get yours, go to




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