1970 Chevelle Hero Tribute - To Chev-Helle And Back

Keith Seaman's Chevelle Is A 632-Cubic Inch Tribute To His Hero-His Father.

Mike Ficacci Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Keith's main concern with the driveline was sustainability to hold up with over 1,000 lb-ft of estimated torque at the flywheel when set on kill. He installed a custom billet Turbo 400 transmission, 3,200 rpm stall converter, and 3-inch aluminum driveshaft with hardened-steel universal joints to support the massive amount of torture caused by rotating force.

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Out back, Keith went with a FAB9 housing packed with a 9-inch spool, 4.30-gears, and 40 spline gun-drilled Strange axles into a four-link suspension to complement the back half and 14-point roll cage built and installed by Montana Bros Race Cars.

He spared no expense on the wheels and tires, and went with one of the best performing and aesthetically pleasing combinations in drag racing: Weld Alumastar wheels with custom bead locks (15x31/2 front, 15x16 back), wrapped in Hoosier skinnies up front (28x41/2x15), and monsters out back (33x221/2x15). Up front, he used FatMan Fabrications tubular control arms and Strange coilover shocks that get tested at every launch. With a full tank of gas and a T-bone in his stomach, Keith says he usually crosses the scales at over 4,000 pounds.

With both exterior and interior, bitchin' in black was, of course, the theme. The exterior is coated in House of Kolor black and the interior is a deluge of shimmering chrome and shades of black from the seats, to the carpet, to the dash, and even the steering wheel.

"I wanted to keep everything as stock appearing as possible, so all you see when looking at the car is black and chrome," said Keith. Also, keeping essentials in check is a set of Auto Meter carbon-fiber gauges monitoring engine revs, water temperature, and oil pressure.

Taking over three years to complete, Keith's only regret-if you want to call it that-is not building a large enough motor, because, 632ci is on the small side...right?

We're sure his father would be proud.




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