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2010 Camaro SS - Production Camaro Unveiled (WEB EXCLUSIVE)

It's almost a mirror image of the concept car and it's coming soon.

Jim Campisano Sep 10, 2008

Story by Jim Campisano

Photos by Kevin Kolvenbach/Pine Bush, New York (courtesy of General Motors)

Sucp_0809w_01_z 2010_camaro_ss 2/15

The 2010 Camaro will be the closest you've ever been able to get to buying an actual General Motors concept car. More than the '68 Corvette, which was based on the Mako Shark II concept or even the SSR truck, the next Camaro is a near mirror image of the 2005 concept, as seen in these superchevy.com photos. Sure, the side mirrors are street-legal (and traffic friendly), and there are a couple of tweaks here and there with the proportions and details, but ultimately it is not a dumbed-down version. It's the real deal.

Sucp_0809w_02_z 2010_camaro_ss 3/15

Visually, the biggest differences between the SS and the base V-6 model are the SS badge in the grille and the addition of the concept car's Z06-inspired opening above the grille. The wheels are 20s (vs. 18s for the base model), but they look almost identical. Certainly if you look at the photo of the SS and the Corvette, there is a serious family resemblance. Much inspiration must have come from the C6.

Sucp_0809w_03_z 2010_camaro_ss 4/15

We're surprised there are no stereo stripes (a'la the Transformers Bumble Bee Camaro), but our guess is if the factory doesn't supply them, your neighborhood Chevy dealer or 15,000 aftermarket companies will be more than happy to. With your choice of 400 or 422 horsepower (depending on whether you get the six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission), this should be the quickest and fastest Camaro ever offered. Weight is said to be around 3,750 lbs., a couple of hundred pounds more than a Ford Mustang GT, but about 500 less than the Dodge Challenger SRT8.

Look for the new SS in your local dealership in March of 2009.



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